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MG MGF Technical - Clutch bleeding - help

Hi, I replace my clutch slave cilinder. Also replace old dot4 for new one.
But now I can get any pressure on the clutch pedal. I already bleed de front master cilinder and the rear slave niple. Any ideias? I apreciate all your Help.


Joćo Barros Gomes
Lisbon - Portugal
Joćo Barros Gomes

Could the clutch release arm be seized in the housing? This does happen eventually as the original release arm design had no means of lubrication once assembled. Corrosion can cause it to not return to the engaged position after the pedal has been released.

I tried the Manual Workshop sequence and it worked ok. With clutch depressed, Purge the master cylinder several times, then release the clutch pedal, repeat this sequence until there is no more air in the system, after that purge the rear slave cylinder and it's Done
Joćo Barros Gomes

This thread was discussed between 25/10/2013 and 28/10/2013

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