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MG MGF Technical - Clutch pedal failed

I bought a 1999 MGF a week ago its immaculate, and a great little car, all the major stuff, head gasket, timing belt etc. been done. Obviously not the clutch however or hydraulic system, lost pedal while I was out, went to the floor and couldnt get it into gear. I waited a while and the pedal came back so I drove it a few Ks lost pedal again waited it came back and limped her home that way. The master cylinder has fluid in it, so what could be the problem??? If it needs a new slave cylinder is that an expensive fix?
P Thomas

Hi P Thomas,
Has the car got warranty or private sale.

Give Mark T Boltry, Classic Car Clinic a call if your near Biggera Waters Gold Coast.
I'm sure Mark will be able to help you out with some advice or mechanical needs to get your car back on the road.

So upsetting when something happens like this when you just got it.

Welcome and You've come to the right place for help.
Cheers Sue
Sue Wilson

Hi Paul

"The master cylinder has fluid in it, so what could be the problem???"
First check to see if there is any brake fluid leaking under the clutch slave cylinder. From under the car you can prise back the rubber dust cover and see if fluid leaks out. If so, then you will need to either buy a new one or rebuilt it.
Checking the Master is a bit more difficult. The Master clutch unit usually has the seal inside wear out and that fails to provide any pressure to actuate the slave. Either replace the Master cylinder or rebuild it.

"If it needs a new slave cylinder is that an expensive fix?"
Not expensive if you do it yourself.
If the garage does it then you pay for retail parts costs and labour.



P Thomas.

The advice above is good. The master cylinder may be at fault but not leaking externally, but leaking past the seals internaly.

I find these days that if one item has failed, slave or master, it make good sense to replace the both as the other is bound to fail shortly afterwards.

The slave cylinder is easy enough to change but it's best to pressure bleed without pumping the clutch pedal.

Let me know if we can help or I can advise...

M T Boldry

Thanks very much for all the advice all. I ended up limping it to MG city at Dutton Park here in Brisbane. Itís probably a slave cylinder as it was squirting fluid under the car when the pedal was depressed, now I am :o( Yes Sue it is a tad upsetting but the glass half full view is well I know thatís sorted now. I hope the master cylinder is ok Mark it looks really clean like itís new, time will tell I guess. Iím rather mechanically minded and have worked on old Morrisís and V dubs should I get a manual for this and have a crack?
P Thomas

Yes for sure, Go for it Paul and have a crack at it!
Sue Wilson

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