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MG MGF Technical - Clutch pedal sticking....

I've looked in the archive and something like this has been reported a few times, but I'm not sure the replies would answer this particular issue....

The clutch pedal sticks in the down position, no it isn't anything to do with the slave cylinder, dust in the driven plate or anything like that. How do I know? I've taken the master cylinder off and it still does it! The pedal isn't connected to anything and it still won't return.

The spring appears to twist and rotate itself as the pedal moves, without exerting any upward pressure (i.e. against a foot pushing on it). I'm sure the spring ought to be located somehow, slipped over a peg or there's a bolt through it, or something like that. However I can't see any sign of where it's supposed to go, at present it's just hanging in mid air, with one end on the pedal and the other on the bracket.

Can someone have a peer in their footwell and tell me where the damn thing should go!!

Alan Brooke

Alan, if you still haven't sorted this I'll try and take a picture of mine for you.
John Thomas

This thread was discussed between 02/06/2004 and 07/06/2004

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