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MG MGF Technical - Clutch Pedal Sticking Down

MGF 1.8i (2000)
When cold the clutch pedal when pushed down stays down for a few seconds, have changed the clutch but still have the same problem. Any advice appreciated.

S P Pearce

Hi Steve,
I had a similar problem myself some time ago. The sticking got gradually worse as time went on until i eventually lost my temper and kept slamming my foot on the pedal until i broke the damn thing completely!! It turned out to be a sticking master cylinder on the clutch - and cost me about 250 to have it done at the main dealer at the time! But if its something you can have a go at yourself, i'd do it. Hope this helps!

The bearing for the clutch leaver is a known sticky point and impossible to get at without taking the bellhousing and engine apart.

some people have had some success with soaking the arm which goes from the slave into the bellhousing with penetrating oil
Will Munns

this is such a problem that Mike Satur makes replacements with grease nipples:
Will Munns

try again
Will Munns

Hi there, similar thing happened to me recently, but it turned out to be clutch fluid loss, once topped up it's worked fine since. Unforgivable of me not to have kept an eye on it, but pleased it was such a simple fix. Cheers, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

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