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MG MGF Technical - clutch problems

I have just taken my F to the garage after the clutch on the car completely failing. Initial diagnosis was that the slave cylinder had failed. Now the garage is telling me that this failure can result in damage to the clutch itself. Does anybody have any first hand experience of this happening to them?

They are correct in that if the slave has leaked it would contaminate the clutch plate which can cause premature failure!

In my opinion it IS good practice to fit a new clutch!

Alright Bebe, Tony I'm sorry to contradict you but it is highly unlikly that any fluid has actualy got in contact with the clutch itself,so my advice is get the cylinder changed first and try the car it's not going to make any difference to the time if the clutch does require changing.
dave mgf tech

go for the slave cylinder replacement (IMO)

The part number and parts price would be nice to know

Anyone wanna get a second hand slave cylinder ?
Have got one for sale (for 1/3 rd of the new price)

Dieter Koennecke

Fills you with real confidence when customers are told nursery rime stories that are so easily shot full of holes. Next they will say we fixed the clutch by changing the headlamp!!!!

Must make people like Dave cringe.

Roger Parker

Dieter Koennecke

Bebe, Slave cylinder cost me 35 +vat (lockheed) and was easy to replace - and I'm no techy ! I did both slave and master for 70 odd.



ps I have piccies somewhere too - (Sorry Rob)
Kieren Gibson

Thanks for all the information. The slave was replaced today, but alas the clutch will not budge. A new clutch is being fitted. All in all it will lighten my wallet by 325 inc VAT.

Thanks again, Bebe.

good advice Dave - didnt think about that - but yes worth trying slave first! didnt realise it was so much for a new clutch - geez!

Has the car been standing a long time ??
seems strange that it has locked??
Are they saying the plates have locked together ??

if so it should be driven round a car park with the clutch pedal down until the plates disengage on their own!


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