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MG MGF Technical - Clutch problems?

I wonder if anybody here could give me some advice!

I own a 96 P plate F, 1.8i the poor thing has done 111k and is in need of some attention, cracked in 2 places front bumper and a cracked rear screen. Other than that it does me well, until last wednesday.

It was a frosty day so I ran the engine for a few minutes to clear the screen, after I put it in first the clutch wouldnt return, it is stuck as if you had your foot on it. The pedal flaps around freely, but you can put it in any gear with the engine running.

I had a look under the engine access panel and the pistol that acctuates the clutch seems to be stuck out of the cylinder. After taking it to my local mg specialists and they having had a look at it I've been given a quote of about 800 quid including parts and labour to get the poor thing back on the road. Apparently the clutch is stuck out meaning he needs to take the engine out and the gearbox off to investigate and the cylinder/piston needs replacing.

I'm in Islington, can anybody recomend somewhere that I could get a second quote from?

If this is the truth then I'm thinking maybe its not worth repairing because with the cosmetic damage and the high milage it wouldnt be worth a lot more than the repair, what do people think a 111k 96 mgf with body damage would be worth assuming it was running? Is it worth me going through with the repairs?

I'd be real sorry to see the poor little thing go, I've so enjoyed driving it!

I hope somebody can pass on some advice, I'm at a loss to know what to do right now :(
R Kearney

The clutch slave cylinder operates an arm which goes through your gearbox to operate the clutch itself!.
Where this arm enters the gearbox there is a sealed bearing which can sieze on high mileage or older cars, Quite a few people have reported this problem!, and the high cost (Allthough your quote does seem very high), is for removing the gearbox and replacing the clutch and oprerating mechanism!!..

You could try spraying the arm where it enters the gearbox with some WD40 or releasing oil, then try to operate the arm manualy to help free it up, some people have found that this works, and last year I noticed my clutch was starting to fell a little stiff, a good sray with some greese transformed the feel of the pedal!!.......

As you say!, dont think you F will be worth much, Sadly! :o( prices are very low at the moment, and winter is not a good time to sell any rag-top!!.

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