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MG MGF Technical - Clutch problems

Hi folk
My 1998 MGF which I don't use a lot has suddenly developed a
Clutch problem,the clutch pedal seems to to travel more than usual
before it actually feels it is the clutch you are are pressing.
The car is drivable but the gears are notchy and the reverse goes in with a crunch even if you select another gear first as we all know this helps.It doesnt seem a gradual problem more a sudden one
As I have said.any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

p le rossignol

No thoughts coming through,I think this MGF site is dead which
Is a pity as the mgb site continues to show much interest.
p le rossignol

OK,I'll answer if only to liven it up.First question,how many miles has the car done? Second,are there any leaks under the car? Next, has the gearbox oil level ever been checked? How long have you had/known the car? How often has it been left for long periods without being driven? Several points are interconnected and it may well be that the internal seals in the slave cylinder are on the way out.I had that happen to me in an MGB with similar symptons.Most people never have the gearbox oil level checked which can lead to graunchy gear changes.

I have had my '97 VVC for 15 years (now 71k) and the clutch/gears have never( touch wood ) given a problem.Do you have any garages where you are to at least talk to the fitters who might have some idea?

Hope you get it sorted.
M Blencowe

Thanks for your comments M it could be any of those things but there are no visible leaks.The car has done 44000 miles but I've
Only done 1800 miles in the last 4 years since I've owned it and it's
Never been back to the garage,I'll take it to the garage where I
bought it they know all about MGs.I wanted to get some feedback
First out of interest .
p le rossignol

I think you need to look at the problem logically.

First look at the symptoms, you say that it appears you need to push the clutch pedal further before it does anything, secondly that reverse crunches and the other gears are notchy.

To me it suggests that when you press the pedal the clutch isn't fully disengaging.

Now we can look at the sequence of events and operation:-

As you press the pedal it pivots about a pin and pushes a rod into the master cylinder, this rod pushes a piston, the piston pushes hydraulic fluid out of the top cylinder and along a pipe to the slave cylinder.

At the slave cylinder the process is reversed and the hydraulic fluid pushes against a piston, the piston pushes a rod that
R.A Davis

Hi bob
I appreciate your input I'm on a learning curve at the moment
I'll put a post on when it's sorted it may help others with similar

p le rossignol

Hi to to M Blencowe and Bob
My clutch problems were down to a faulty clutch slave cylinder a new one has been fitted and all is well, thanks again for your input
p le rossignol


Thanks for the update, all to often people don't bother to post an update once the issue is solved, this is a shame as it possibly deprives others with similar faults from finding an answer

R.A Davis

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