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MG MGF Technical - Clutch question

Long long time no speak.

Anyway a long time ago back in October 2004 I was driving away on a Saturday morning and after completing 20-30 miles parked the car for the rest of the day.

The following morning I got back in the car and to my surprise I initally found that the clutch pedal was stuck to the bottom of the floor. After pumping the pedal numerous times the pedal became very stiff and the car could be put into any gear without stalling.

At this point I simply got out of the car locked it and walked away. The main reason being the several thousand pounds previously spent keeping this car from hell going.

So basically I would like some advise bearing in mind this car had a new clutch fitted only 5-10,000 miles previously.

S Laithwaite

Sorry i carnt really help but have exactally the same problem. Gets slightly better as the car warms but im thinking the clutch secector shaft thingy or the master cylinder.

Tis a right pain. Anyone want a tf160?
Andy Brad

the problem you have is the relesae arm has seized in the gearbox and it needs to be freed off .to do this you need to put wd40 on the bush in the bellhousing and work the arm free.if it does not work after this you need to remove the gearbox and unseized the arm with some heat and rebuild the arm back with plenty of copper grease.
mf sturge

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