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MG MGF Technical - CO2 Help Needed

Thanks for the starter help. Changed the plugs and the air filter ,both needed it. Wife doesnt like the idea of the Italian tune up So I will do it (grinning now).
The failure emissions are.
Fast Idle: RPM Max 3050 actual 2570 pass
Co 0.300 Max actual 0.547 fail
HC 200 max actual 100 pass
Lambda 1.090 max actual 1.030 pass
Second chance :
Rpm actual 2916 pass
co actual 0.583 fail
HC actual 105 pass
lambda actual 1.025 pass.
AS I said before the idle test passed.
Any Help is very welcome .
p andrews

I suspect that the Italian tune up will do the job; getting the catalyst nice and hot just in time for the MoT tester to stick a probe in the exhaust should be enough I suspect :o) Many an MoT emissions failure is down to the catalyst either not being warm enough, or working at suboptimal efficiency due to frequent short journeys.
Rob Bell

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