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MG MGF Technical - Cold Air Induction Kits???

With the worry of boiling engines and HGF's playing on my mind, I've read in the MOSS brochures that you can buy a 'Cold Air Induction Kit' which utilises the unused (passenger side I believe) air intake to lower the engine compartment temperature by around 12 degrees...

For 65 this seems like an added security/peace of mind to keep the engine just that little bit cooler.

Does anyone have experience of these? It is worth fitting the kit?, does it provide any benefit ?? and is it difficult to fit???

You opinions would be appreciated.


Simon Cummings

There's been a few threads on this and similar subjects in the past Simon. I doubt there'll be much response this weekend, with everyone at Silverstone (well, almost everyone).

Most of that side intake is covered by the fuel tank, so just how much air it's possible to get through is an issue. Carl has also observed that as least as much of a problem is getting hot air OUT of the engine bay - those boot-lid vents are not really big enough.

Personally, I'd have thought that the cold air pipes from the K&N 57i kit would introduce more air (and the removal of the OEM air-box etc. leaves significantly more space in the bay too).

More cold air can't do any harm though!!

Ed Clarke

This kit is actually nothing to do with the engine bay temperature, but is infact a piece of tube that runs from the standard air box to the nearside air vent. As you could do the same for a fraction of the price, I don't really think that it is a particularly good-value modification, but the principle is sound as Rog has proven.

Rob Bell

Don't buy the Moss kit, save your money, go to Halfords and buy some flexible tubing and some cable ties for a fraction of the cost. You could buy a K&N air filter with cold air pipes for around 60 quid. This is a far better way.

I go to Moss after I have been to B&G and Mike Satur. You can usually get better deals going direct to the manufacturer or a retailer with close links to the manufacturer. I always found Moss quite expensive, IMO, that is.
Tony Smith

I had a look at the Moss kit at Silverstone. It consists of a piece of convoluted tubing about 75mm diameter and 1m long, fitted with adapters made from strip steel to match the filter box at one end and the side vent at the other. The design of these adapters was quite clever, but the overall cost was a bit steep IMO. I would have thought the hose could be shorteed by at least half, which might improve any potential throttling effect and reduce the price.


Actually my version didn't cost anything. Simply removing the 'cold' air pipe that is tied to the rear subframe member and into the resonator. The 'toilet' elbow between the air resonator and the air filter case is removed and the removed cold air pipe fitted onto the air filter box and routed down and under to draw air from the area behind the nearside vent. Result is an average 12 degrees lower air intake temp as measured at the throttle body and 9ft lbs extra torque.

Hope that this is worth 65, and any donations to my favorite charity - me - will be eagerly swallowed up!!

Roger Parker

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