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MG MGF Technical - Cold air induction kits


I've got an April 2001 MGf and I am thinking of
upgrading the air filter, etc. A lot of people
tell me the K&N filter is the one to get, others
say get a better filter for your existing box and provide a new air intake to the nearside air vent.
Are they easy to fit yourself (as I am not really
a DIY fan (what takes people a couple of hours to
do tend to take days for me assuming I can finish it -
there is always a complication!!). I am thinking
in the region of up to 150. I am not an out and
out racer, turbo's and the like are not for me,I just love the noise these cars make
when accelarating away.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Regards Bill
W.A. Pearson

Bill. I have gone the K&N set up and have been very happy for the better breathing and the noise. At the moment I am about to change again but only for the reason of more mod's will be made to my car and therefore looking for more power.
Andrew Regens


what are you getting done this time?



Bill, I am going to point you in the direction of a webpage -

This deals with the relative benefits of a replacement panel and cone filter. Cone filters tend to perform better.

However, if you adapt your existing airbox so that it takes air from the LHS air intake grille, then you get more performance...

The best performance gains are to be had with enclosed cone filters - the ITG Maxogen etc - but these are relatively expensive. The 'third' way is to enclose a cone filter -

But if you are not a DIY buff, then this may not be the best way forward for you.

A replacement panel filter is cheap and easy. It improves your throttle response. From this perspective, it is probably the way forward as it is also very easy to DIY fit.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

Hi Bill,

The K&N kit wins on dB & bhp gains per and is a straightforward fit once you add the brackets (from Tom Randell IIRC). As Rob notes, it can be further improved with a DIY enclosure, as and when you feel inclined...

Replacement elements for the standard airbox tend to flow better, and re-routing the intake picks up cooler air, but this won't give much increase in noise.

I'd be inclined towards the K&N, a well documented fitting procedure should keep the mishaps to a minimum ;o)
Mike Hankin

Don't get me started on the K&N. I fitted mine this morning and I'm dead chuffed with it. Went out for a blast after I fitted it, and I could hardly drag myself home! Fun overload!

Like I said, I fitted it myself with no previous experience in that kind of thing, only problem I had was getting the spring clip off of the old intake pipe.

The cheapest place I found was @ 81 including delivery.

Get one, you won't regret it!

Emma Jackman

Hi! To everyone who replied and thanks for all the
advise and info. Looks like it will be K&N for me, so
I will download the varies web sites that Rob and
Emma recommended and try and persuade one of my MG
club mates to help me out.

Once again, thanks to you all

W.A. Pearson

Good luck Bill :o)
Rob Bell

I recently fitted a K&N enclosed in a Rover Efi airbox, as per the above link, and gave it a dedicated cold air feed from the left hand vent.
Wasn't difficult and only took about two hours in all.

I am well pleased with the results - and still sounds good :-)
Has livened the VVC up beautifully.......


Brackets still available for cold air pipes email for order form.

Tom Randell

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