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MG MGF Technical - cold air intake for K&N

What is the latest on this. I remember some of you trying to make a cold air intake for the K&N. Any success?

I haven't even got a K&N anymore (David its in the post)

Prototype being made Steve- looking for someone to make the finished article...
Rob Bell

What happened to the K&N forced Induction Kit I saw in a mag some months ago?

Paul, do you mean the K&N 57i mark 2? I saw that in Demon Tweek's brouchure and heard nothing since too. I'm not sure if its a complete enclosure though.

Steve Childs

Steve, Yeap, thats the baby.

Latest on K+N cold air induction box...

My contact in an engineering firm says that it is really tricky to make in metal / aluminium, mainly due to the intersection where the conical air feed meets the spherical filter chamber. This is a tricky bit of (aluminium) welding and would mean that all future prodution items from him would have to be hand welded and this will push the price up. He is currently looking at other ways to construct it.

I have yet to approach the Acrylic company, they specialise in product displays and are more used to working with sheets as opposed to moulds. I still think this is a good idea however, at the very least, they may be able to point me in the direction of someone who can fabricate one.

More news as it happens...

Scarlet Fever

Why not just fit the ITG / PTP air box kit instead of the k&n 57i, and trying to make an air box. I did and do not regret it to this day, power increase is great and have better miles to the gallon from 33 to average 39-40 at the last count. These boys know what they are doing and if I can save money like that on fuel will soon pay for the kit. Why try to re-invent the wheel when the kit is already here and doesn't really break the bank considering what you are getting for your money !!

Paul Jones

The ITG kit is good. No doubting that.
It's just the 200-300 price tag that gets me. :-(
I could afford it, but something tells me that 200 odd is a bit too much for the power gains possible.

I'm following Rob and other's route.

I have purchased - at great cost(!) - a flower pot and a lid to fit.
I have also got a spare airbox, a drill and a ITG panel filter.
Finally, I have a KnN - currenty fitted.

I'm going to play in the coming weeks and we'll see what happens. :-)

Can you imagine ... all these 'Fs with a flowerpot as the next cool <pun intended> accesory. <g>

Paul Nothard

Guys and Gals,

When purchasing my 57i kit about two months ago I phoned K + N to ask about the mk2. The first chap hadn't heard about it and couldn't see how they could improve the design and the second said that they are not sure when it will be available.

So I guess watch this space!

>>>I haven't even got a K&N anymore (David its in the post)

Cooooool! (air)
David Bainbridge

Had a play around on the F the weekend and fitted a home made Cold air box out of 1 Flower pot and a roll of Kitchen foil and a drain pipe. It will probably fall apart soon but wanted to test if you get more torque at lower revs. I was very optimistic but surprised it worked. Before my car had less go at low revs than my girlfreinds 1.25 Fiesta. It is still not wonderful but there was a noticable difference. Suppose I will have to wait until Andy (SF) has sourced his design.

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