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MG MGF Technical - Cold start

My mgtf 2002 starts first time but for the first 200yds or so looses reves, if left on tick over begines to hunt. I dip clutch and rev hard this brings car back to normal only happens when car has stood for 4 to 5 hours. Any ideas
J M Mycroft

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Symptoms: The engine idles fine at 800rpm, if you put your foot down with conviction it revs fine, however if you put your foot down slightly(as if to rev to 1200rpm)the revs die, just before its about to stall the engine management picks it back up again (to 1200rpm) then it drops again, this repeats until you either put your foot further down or let it idle again.

It occurs whether you are in gear or in neutral

This can be caused by the defective throttle potential meter. However, it could also due to a faulty stepper motor (controls idling), oxygen sensor, coolant temperature sensor, MEMS ECU, etc. For a Rover car, the dealer usually use the Testbook to locate the problem. But you can first try to reset the stepper motor by yourself.

Stepper Motor Reset Procedure:

1) Start the engine and warm up to normal working temperature.

2) Turn off ignition

3) Turn on ignition to stage II (with electric window available but don't start the engine)

4) Press the accelerator all the way down and fully release five times repeatedly.

5) Wait for at least 15 seconds and turn off ignition

6) Start the engine to see if this work.


Sam Murray

Thanks Sam they are just the symptoms I get will have a look at these
J M Mycroft

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