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MG MGF Technical - Cold start problem.

My F has started with a new problem - seems to stutter and momentarily stop firing when cold/damp since the weekend. I changed to new magnecor leads a few months ago so doubt this is the problem. Do I need to get it to Rover for testbook test or anybody have any better ideas. I'll try spraying leads/mems with some WD40.
Nathan Carnie

I have a similar prob with my '98 mpi for the last couple of days. Only runs for about 2 seconds, dies then refuses to start. Seemed to re-set itself after waiting a couple of minutes but took 25 minutes to get it started. Local dealer found no fault on test book but has changed the crankshaft sensor - hope this now works.

Nathan tried cleaning or replacing the plugs? could even be one (or more) is not quite tight enough? OKay clutching at straws now. :)
Paul Lathwell

This may be of interest. When I had a 214 the ECU went wrong so I bought one from a scrap yard. When fitted, the car would start and run for about 2 secs and then die. It would do this over and over. When I queried this with Rover garage it seems the ECU has to be programmed to the car. Had this done and it worked OK. Could this mean that your ECU is faulty?
T Green

The plugs are now at 20k so probably past their best, although head was off at the dealer for head gasket recently and I would have thought they would have been replaced if badly worn. It wasn't raining today and it ran fine. Had a look in archive and looks like I need to 1)Change plugs 2)Seal MEMS wiring and coil with silicon sealant if the problem comes back. I doubt its an internal ECU fault.
Nathan Carnie

My car is slow to fire after overnight rain, first time it happened I had my foot on the throttle which caused flooding of engine with fuel. Now I start it without touching the throttle when cold & find it starts reliably even if cold & wet,

Alan Mackew

18 months ago my F wouldn't start in the morning if it had been raining. Just absolutely no firing at all. I checked the plug gaps and adjusted them to bottom limit (0.8mm). The car has never failed since - ever! The leads are still the original and are nearly 5 years old.
Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed between 13/08/2001 and 19/08/2001

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