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MG MGF Technical - Cold/Wet Start?

Hi guys,

It was me first attempt at starting the F VVC in the cold and wet this morning, and let me tell you, it took a few attempts..

Any ideas ?? Cover maybe?

Mike Gibson

Mike, Had this problem @ 1 year ago with my 99 VVC, decided to change the HT leads and treat the coils to a bit of sand paparing to get the corrosion off. Also applied a bit of vaseline on the anodes. Havent had a problem since.



I would totally agree with paul.
This is fairly commom (especially amongst VVC's it would appear). I was very worried last winter when this happened to me, ive got a 99 T vvc 36k (only just bought the car!)I replaced the extremely worn HT leads with a set of 8.5 mm magnecor (IIRC) leads form Mike Satur. It has been brilliant ever since (in starting terms anyway!!)

Hope that helps



Mike, yes as Paul suggested,


1) New HT leads (silicon ones from Mike Satur or Brown and Gammons)

2) New spark plugs (depending on how old yours are)

If all above fail, try Testbook (computer system in Rover / MGR) and see if your coolant temperature is ok.
Hanah Kim

Cheers for that guys,

how much are HT leads and are they easy to get to?

Mike Gibson

Hi all,
it is essential as Paul say´s to keep the corrosion away from the laminated steel package on the VVC ignition coil! If left for salt-spray and water without any protective treatment it will rust to a degree where the insulated laminates will swell and get damaged. This will lead to weakend spark and ultimatly cracks in the plastic mould. Then short-circuit of the coil is close and this could in turn damage the output transistors in the MEMS... So a clean-up and then a heavy coating of rust-preventive will stop further problems here.
And then of course there is the as mentioned usual bad original HT leads that HAS to be changed after a year or two. IMO it is amazing to see how damp the "F" engine gets when parked outside during wet conditions ! Especially compared to the same engine in a FWD car ...
BR, Carl.
Carl Blom

Cheers guys, will look in to this.

Carl, are these bit easy to get to on the F?

as I don't really know were to start.

Mike Gibson


Silicone plug leads (the high performance jobbies Mr Satur offers) will set you back somewhere in the region of £40.


Oops I meant coolant temperature sensor. :-)
Hanah Kim

HT leads easily available from Brown & Gammons online or Mike Satur. I bought mine from B&G £54.95 inc VAT and they were the magnecor high performance. Don't waste your money on the competition leads as unless you do a lot of track days, you wont notice any difference. And if you look at the B&G site remeber that the high performance leads are in fact blue in colour, only the competition leads are red.

Replacing the plugs if you have done over 30k is also a really good idea no matter what the manual says about 60k.

I did both on my 96P and the difference was astonishing. Not only did the car start first time every time, but the car ran better and performed better. It is a really easy DIY job, I even wrote some instructions which are now on Paul Lathwell's MGF FAQ at
David Mills

Thanks for this guys..

Mike Gibson

This thread was discussed on 02/10/2002

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