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MG MGF Technical - Collapsable ? Steering

No one seems to mention the issue of the early "collapsible" steering column. I have not stripped it down but I understand that there is a "D" shaped plastic component within the tube that wears and gives rise to play (rotation) in my case 1/2" on rim of steering wheel.

I am told that no spares exist and a fix involves drillin through shaft and pinning with a plastic knitting needle(as opposed to a roll pin)

Is this that?: or is there a solution??
melvyn simonson

I'm no technician, Ive been with the product from new, but as most of the earlier f's had mostly metro bits, I wonder if you could use one off a metro ?



X-MG BRand Manager

I stripped down an early F epas column and found that it has an uinner and outer shaft joined together by smal plastic "clips" for want of a better word. They were broken on the one I stripped and it was possible oto pull the steering wheel towards the driver and push it away again - a few inches of movement. If these are broken I see no way of doing a proper repair - only option is another column or a repair using a drill and screws (or rivets) but this woudl remove the collapsing feature and so may be dangerous in the event of an accident.
Jason H
Jason H

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