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MG MGF Technical - Colour of soft top

Hi all,

fitted a new soft top to my F. It's a glass one, with MG XPower embossed on both sides.

It's a very bright blue. Been described as petrol blue. Anyone have an idea as to what it officially is? I'm trying to match the colour,

Richard P

Its the sportster hood as sold by XC-Power. SOund like yours is in XTRA Blue as they called. Personally I think that colour look hideous, but what ever floats your boat :o)
Have a look here :-
Steve White

Thanks Steve. That's just what I was after.

>Personally I think that colour look hideous<

You are not the first to go Yuk! Won't be the last either, I'm sure!

But at least I'll be able to find my car at an MGF event :)

Richard P

There was an XPower grey TF with XTRA Blue Sportser hood on display last Silverstone. Someone must have a picture.

Told ya someone has got it online:


Ha ha! Have you had your paint brush out? ;-)
Richard P

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