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MG MGF Technical - Community needs headlamp reflectors

Hi all,

There is a bit of a queue forming for 'reconditioned' headlamps, and currently this process isn't a quick one. So, what we desperately need is a stockpile of dud reflectors that can be re-silvered en masse, then made available on an exchange basis. I'm happy to cover the shipping costs for anyone donating to the scheme, and you'll have the gratitude of fellow F'ers who in future will be able to restore night vision without having to leave their bumper off for a couple of weeks...

We'd prefer just the reflector units but if you have a complete unit but don't feel like dismantling it then let me know, I'm sure we can arrange something.

Email me please, mike at with offers or any questions.

Thank you all in advance.
Mike Hankin

OK, grand total of none so far. There must be someone who has one or two headlamps that are not up to MOT standard, all we want is the reflector part - you'll probably be able to sell the front glass for almost as much as a whole but u/s headlamp, and it'll be much easier to post ;o)

Then, Geoff Smith at Reflector Restorations can busy himself on doing a batch, and you never know we might even twist his arm to give some kind of discount... If you want to send them to him direct, the address is in Rob's site , although just the reflector part please, the price doesn't include dismantling.
Mike Hankin

This thread was discussed between 22/11/2005 and 27/11/2005

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