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MG MGF Technical - condensation in headlight

I've spent the best part of today converting f front & rear bumper to TF. On completion after about 1/2 hr of driving I now have condensation in both headlights. Is this normal with new headlights (or TF headlights) or have I done something wrong???

A very wet day may well have seen moisture penetrate the lamps during the fitting process. In use yoiu should see this dissipate, but if it doesn't then it is reasonable to assume that water is able tio get in and so you need to look closer. If the F lamps are still being used then this may be an issue with the glass seal to body of the lamp. If the TF lamps are in use then this is a more intricate problem as the front glass isn't glass, but a bonder polycarbonate screen. I did notice some early TFs on the press drives did have a morning condensation problem that soon ckleared. Production spec cars since have had this issue sorted.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed on 02/11/2002

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