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MG MGF Technical - Connecting Rear Screen Heater on Hard Top

Hi, I have recently purchased a black hard top for my trophy blue TF (looks fab)! The connector for the heated rear screen is attached and I guess I need to purchase a switch for the interior but what else and how easy is it to fit it all together?!

Thanks, Amanda

you will need a switch and a relay too, i have a MK1 switch and relay you are more than welcome too, not sure if its the same for your car

Thanks Rich. I think all the fittings must be the same as the roof was for an F and fitted perfectly. The switches on the interior also look the same for the F and TF.

Would you be able to post it or something?


The Mk1 switch won't fit the TF (or F MK2) interior

Will Munns

mgtf just been through sourcing these parts myself, the heated window kit (switch/relay and instructions) is not available from MG until end November priced

Just ease the blank switch out from the front (a pair of pliers or screwdriver might help but take care). On my TF the blank next to the drivers window switch allready had the harness attached so its just a strait swap.


HT fitting instructions for the normal 'F' kit here:

i imagine the TF won't be any different!


L Reid

Thanks for the info, just as you said the connector for the switch was attached to the switch blank. You need to be careful not to release the connector or it will disappear inside the console.


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