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MG MGF Technical - connecting TF headlights on MGF


I was wondering does anybody have the partnumber of the piece of wiring needed to connect TF headlights on the MGF wiring. I saw it once but forgot to write it down.
If anyone has any other tips or tricks on this conversion please comment.



I had this conversion done and I dont think there is a part to connect the headlightss using the existing MGf wiring, I was told a whole new loom would be required and i think that came in at around 150.

The original connector plug does fit but you have to remove the outer casing with a sharp knife, leaving the rectangular block which pushes into the TF headlamp housing, however the wires are configured differently so I had a local auto electrics shop rewire the existing connections as the wiring is different to the MGF (the indicators being integral to the light fitting), this cost 40.

Mike Satur does these conversions so he may be able to give you some advice too.
Chris Catchpole

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply, so by altering and rewiring the original plug al can be done. This will mean cut the wiring from the plug, leaving 4 inches or so and reconnect the headlight wiring and indicator wiring to the plug. This then also means that all the internal metal sockets of the plug get electrical contact with the headlight metal strips.


Thats correct Marten, if you look at the inside of the plug you will see a rectangular block (male) this fits into the TF headlamp (female)so you only need to remove the outer casing of the male plug, use a Stanley knife or junior hacksaw. Then it is just a case of using a meter to test which connection goes where and reconnect the wires in the correct order.

The connector does seem loose because there are no clips to hold in place but mine has been fine since March and has never come away.

Chris Catchpole

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