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MG MGF Technical - connector part number

Hi, I need to know the part number about the connector to connect to rear screen heater switch. I know it has code C0072 in MGRave manual but I'm not able to read the part number to ask for it at dealer shop. It seems to be YPC18023 or similar thing. Can you tell me about it, if you know? I have to buy it (I already have switch) to do an alternative thing (not to switch rear screen heater; I know there is the wires and connection already fitted) so I need also connector to do a nice job.

I fear that the connectors are not available without the loom, you would be better off trying to source a diffrent multiway connector. When I was at Lucus (now called L-SUK in the UK, they had a nice box of diffrent multiway connectors, which I may buy when rewireing the midget.
Will Munns

This thread was discussed between 09/06/2003 and 10/06/2003

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