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MG MGF Technical - Coolant Colour Changed?

Just bought some 'Unipart Super Plus 3' but rather than lovely green in colour, it's orange!

The spec. on Dieter's site says 'Unipart /Super plus 3 GEC 1020' but this is GEC 1002. What does it all mean?

Mine is an N reg VVC, needs a new coolant hose but what has happened to the green stuff? Is it still available, or if not then do I need to flush the system before adding the new coolant?

Charlie (Kent,UK NOT USA)
Charles Dundas


Ignore the above panicky ramblings.

Once poured out of the plastic container, it's green....must be the plastic filtering the light. Also GEC 1020 is the part no. for 20 litres, as opposed to 2 litres.....

Must lay off the Duff
Charlie Dundas

I've got a container of Super Plus 3 GEC1002 and mine's green, well, yellowy green. Bought it last November. I believe the later cars changed to an orange coolant.

Bruce Caldwell

or was it blue??...
Bruce Caldwell

Mines Orange....!

Yeah, the later cars have changed coolant to a 3year af/coolant known as O.A.T. this cannot be mixed with the old green alien blood stuff. It is also a lot more expensive!

>GEC 1020' but this is GEC 1002.
I'm sorry and thanks to Charly for correcting. The last figures of all coolant part numbers relate to the 'can volume'.

What Mike said is explained at

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed on 25/04/2002

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