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MG MGF Technical - Coolant I know i know

97 MGF has the green coolant in. Have been trawling the dieters and Rob's site to try and find out what I can top it up with but very little luck. OAT non OAT..arrghhhh

Is there a brand in the UK I can just chuck straight in, or will it require a flush and brand new the lot?
I got some Havoline stuff from the dealers a while back which they said would be ok to use, but its pinky and set alarm bells off for mixing it with the current stuff I have.

R Baker

go back to the dealer and get some Xpart stuff, still green, but with a less excessive mix on the side (can go down to 1 in 5 IIRC rather than 1 in 2).

Pink or blue is OAT and should not be mixed.
Will Munns

There really isn't any magic here. Except that you musn't mix OAT stuff with other types, any antifreeze suitable for aluminium engines is OK. Read the bottle - if it's OAT it will tell you clearly. I have tended to use Halfords brand in my other cars, but it's blue so will look for something green/yellow for the F, otherwise the mixture ends up sludge coloured.

Mike Howlett is the green stuff OAT or not????

R Baker

Green is not. AFAIK!
Tim Jenner

Yup - I can confirm that, green is non-OAT. You've got the Unipart SuperPlus 3 in your car (it turns green in time).
Rob Bell

OAT coolant is normally pink.
Mike Howlett

Is the green stuff ok then? What does OAT stand for?
Why can't you mix them? Some kind of chemical reaction in your coolant system right where you don't want it?
KS Gould

OAT = Organic Acid Technology

Fiona :-()

Yes I believe the green stuff is OK. I use it!

Coolants containing OAT use organic acid salts to prevent metal corrosion. They have a longer life than IAT (inorganic) based coolants and are indicated as having a service life of 4-5 years/100,00-150,000 miles.

I don't think your car will blow up if you mix them, but it certainly is not advised to do so - due to the chemical differences in each product. I would imagine the extra corrosion protection and service life you gain from using an OAT coolant would be negated by using an IAT coolant.


Thanks for your answers Fiona, the coolant in my car is green - I have only just got the car so that was what was in it. I guess it will have to do until I fit the B&G coolant level sensor kit, then I could flush the whole system I suppose and change it.
I am pretty sure I won't though!!
KS Gould

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