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MG MGF Technical - coolant loss, mystery 2 me?

hi can anyone please help, after noticing my coolant level dropping on my 1.8i f i did a thorough check for leaks and found a slow drip from the underfloor metal pipes wich i replaced, thinking this would cure it but NO, 4 weeks later and the expansion tank is emptying from max to empty in about a space of 8 t0 9 days even with little driving. ive been all over the car and can find no external leaks, its running fine ,temp gauge 1 notch under half at all times when running, fan working ok, no mayo on engine filler cap, i replaced the expansion tank cap as well. has anyone got any more checks i can do and any idea what the problem might be, and does hgf sound likely.
thanks steve
s hardy

If the under body pipes were on the way out, have a look at the radiator - another favourite corrosion related failure point in the coolant system.

Only way to really inspect is to remove the bunper. Fortunately, this is reasonably straightforward (see Tim's instructions:
Rob Bell

ok - easiest way to do this is to put paper down overnight under the car and work out where the drips are coming from..

if it's none of the above posts..

also, couple of other points.. wherever the coolant pipes go into the engine itself or into the steel coolant floor pipes etc.. they are normally held on my butterfly clips... these tend to either corrode or wear loose so you can always replace.

If you're getting chuggy startup on a morning as well as this lose.. may be the inlet manifold gasket...


HEader tank cap? Try gettign a new one (about 5 pounds max)

Also there are several other clips along coollant run that may be leaking. I would take bumper off and check radiatoir first. This is what mine looked like on a 2000 F (43000 miles)

Yes those white bits are actual holes

I Brown

could be the water pump>>> leaking on the side had mine done and cambelt change in jan off this year

300 at mk souls
darren jeffery

Check your carpets either side of the central console, even if you cannot smell it. The heater pipes come up there and have been known to leak.

locate and fix
dont drive the car
or you could really knacker it up

HGF beckons


thanks everyone for the help and advice, had a thorough check today no signs off leaking, car has been stood for 3 days and coolant level has not dropped . back to the drawing board hey or to the garage. thanx again. steve
s hardy

Is the car a little lumpy on tickover from cold??..

Favorite Mystery coolant loss on early MPIs was the plastic manifold gasket!..... no obvious signs of leaks as coolant would be lost into the cylinders, hence the lumpy tickover when cold, soon as the car warmed up, gasket expanded and sealed the leak!!.

The Early gaskets were black, replaced by a Modified Green one by MG-R on later models.

I'd echo the comment about the plastic inlet manifold - I had the same thing and initially replaced the pipes underneath but carried on losing coolant - No sign of leaks! It was only blowing out under pressure while driving - Once the engine was off, the leak was negligible. I noticed that removing the expansion cap (allowing air in) with the engine off caused the manifold to leak (really small amount of water) which is how I discovered it. A local garage put the system under pressure and it was only then that you could clearly see the size of the problem - It poured out!!
M Clayton

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