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MG MGF Technical - coolant Pipes

Please can someone recommend a garage in the Reading area to replace the metal under car coolant pipes. I have purchased some stainless steel ones but the labour costs to fit them varies enormously. What should i be looking to pay?

Try Beech Hill
I use them for my servicing. They are a mg specialist,
and they do a fantastic job

Here's a link to their website

David Ferris

Any ideas on the cost of the job?

it's not a complex job, perhaps two hours if you are doing no other work, you can cut 30 mins off that if you already have the engine bay compartment open for another reason.
Will Munns

Neil, can you tell me were you bought your pipes from and approx cost.Cheer Jamie
j. peirson

Try Rimmer Brother - they do them in stainless steel for a very good price and mail order.

I reckon Will's estimate is about spot on - so expect an hour's labour to fit - although the bleeding procedure may take rather longer, and you'll also have to pay for the antifreeze (the cooling system having been drained down to fit the pipes).

B&G have a vacuum-assisted cooling system re-charging kit - but in truth, bleeding the MGF/TF cooling system is hardly rocket science.

Total bill therefore might be about 2 hours labour, plus sundries.

Rob Bell

Getting the SS pipes delivered and buying antifreeze, distilled water and jubilee clips locally and doing the job myself cost me a whisker under 90 a couple of weeks ago.
Sadly I couldn't get near Will's timescale what with jacking it up securely beforehand and the bleeding process afterwards! But it is very straightforward and quite fun to do, if you like that sort of thing.
C.R.B. Simeon

OK, at home there is a lot more fiddling than a garage would do, and they might well use a air ratchet to remove all those screws (there must be 20 on that undertray).

If you are doing it yourself expect a little extra time, but when time costs nothing you can afford to take it!
Will Munns

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