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MG MGF Technical - Coolant pipes installation cost

I am going to need some underbody coolant pipes in the near future, local Rover garage quoted around 30 for the pipes but for fitting they want just over 300, does this sound right? seems a lot at 300 on labour,

Sounds expensive.

If the underbody coolant pipes need replacing better check the radiator at the same time as they corrode as well. Cheaper in the long run as the system needs draining and then bled.

Try a specialist much cheaper than a dealer.

Tom Randell

Surely people in Yorkshire take advantage of being within reach of Mike Satur? Not only does he do a good job, he charges sensible prices and does better underfloor pipes, as well as an upgraded radiator.

The saving on labour costs will probably finance the rad.
JohnP can give good advice when sober JP!.

thank you kindly Sir, she said.

And I'm going to be in Scotland with Mike in a month, so I thought I'd get in his good books if possible.


Niether job is particularly difficult to do - you just need to ensure that you bleed the system properly.

Have a look at...
for fitting Mike's underfloor pipes......

....and for fitting Mike's larger radiator.....

That way, Mike gets a share & you save even more! :-)


I recently had my coolant pipes replaced at an mg specialist near Leeds and it was

It may be usefull to give their name, address and phone for the benefit of other people.
Assuming you were happy with their work of course.

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