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MG MGF Technical - Coolant Sensor

My 96 mgf started to intermitently loose power and missfire and on one occasion cut out completely it re-strted with a tow but would not pull as soona s you put your foot down u lost all power as though fuel starved. Rover garage diagnosed faulty coolant sensor?? a week after i got it back it happened once again but so far not since any one else had this or are they bullsh*tting me?

It is certainly possible for the ECU coolant sensor to give exactly the problems you are experiencing. That you've still got them suggests that either the contacts on the loom plug are dirty (use some contact cleaner spray on these), or there is a problem with the loom (broken wire?)

More on the temperature sensor problem here:
Rob Bell

Could be a multitude of things - sounds like the grage copped out - or there was a faulty coolant sensor _as well_ (not uncommon for this to go unnoticed till teh MOT).

My first worry would be the fuel pump, remove the carpet from the parcel shelf, remove the bolts holding the circular plate in place, unclip the wires and inspect the connectors - they hve been known to 'burn out' and give this sort of failure.
Will Munns

Unusual for the coolant sensor to cause cutting out - esp cutting out leading to bad starting.
Will Munns

Jon, you didn't say whether your car was a 1.8MPi or a VVC. If the former, then the poor running could equally be caused by failing ignition components - be that spark plugs, leads or distributer rotor arm/ cap. Get these replaced if they have not already been so.
Rob Bell

> could equally be caused by failing ignition components

I would expect these if it were poor starting, or splutter on full throttle.

Except the coil(s?), which might overheat and behave like this.
Will Munns

That's possible Will...
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 11/10/2004

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