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MG MGF Technical - Correct size K&N replacement panel filter ?

Apparently K&N do not make a replacement panel filter specifically for a 2001 MGF 1.8i.
They offer one of equal size from a VW but I'm doubtful about this. The dimensions of the existing MANN filter is overall 285x140x50 deep and the paper filter size (ie upside down) 275x130x50deep.
The K&N filter is from their 33- range.
Has anyone already replaced theirs and can give me the reference number ?
John Mac

I think a 33-2132 should fit:

The dimensions are here:

Or you could upgrade to an 57i induction kit instead!:
Ian Matheson

Have a look through the archives John. You'll need to register with the site, but this is free and the information remains confidential. I recall looking this up and checking with Leslie for the part number, but can't recall off hand, sorry... :o(
Rob Bell

The K&N 33-2132 is far too long for the air box, that one measures 400 long, mine needs to be only 285 long.
That part number is shown for the VVC not the straight 1.8i, perhaps that's the difference. Thanks anyway.
I will search the archives as Rob suggested.
John Mac

I fitted the Green panel filter in my Trophy so the filter box should be the same size. Can't remember the ref no but you will find it on the Green Filters web site.
Blue Pocket Rocket

As far as I'm aware an element that fits the VVC will fit the MPi. Can anyone confirm whether there any differences between the two?

Just looked at the Green Filters website and it lists the length for the MPi and VVC as 269mm and width as 108mm...
Ian Matheson

Just spent the last hour trawling through the archive and the content that is written about K&N Filters is mind blowing.
EXCEPT no part number for mine !!
I noted some of the part numbers given but non match the size I need - it seems that around year 2000 the K&N for the 1.8i only just came in, did MG Rover change the airbox size in 2001 hence the problem ?
To repeat, the size of the existing Mann filter that fits snugly into the present air box is - 285x140x50deep, anything bigger and it wont fit, anything smaller and it would drop down inside and rest on the air inlet pipe.
John Mac

K&N for info are rubbish. better contacting E.T.

R J Hemphill

The Green Filter part no is P950375 which is what I have in mine. The length is 290 and width is 145.
Blue Pocket Rocket

John, yes, the filter box dimensions did change (for the 2001 EU3 emissions 'up grade') - see

Will try and find the part number for you...
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,
The plot appears to be thickening !!
Looking at the website you gave, (I have an MGF 1.8i First Reg. 30.04 2001)my Airbox looks like the one illustrated on the right shown as the MGF box and has the extended air tube to the centre of the box but it doesn't have the hole as shown in the back of the box !( I was going to add this feature but couldn't easily remove the air box without cutting it out).
I have e mailed K&N with all the dimensions and details of the original filter to give me the part number, I will post this when (if) I get it.
I thought it was only my TVR that had parts difficult to identify.
John Mac

That's interesting John - will need to update the page in light of that information, thanks! Do TF115/ TF135 do without this second air intake?
Rob Bell

The story so far............. I'm told by my local MG/Rover Dealer that the replacement panel air filter for MY car is Part No.PHE100540 - measures 285x140x50 deep.
Apparently it seems that the last of the F's during 2001 could have been fitted with the upgraded air box that the following TF's were fitted with, this is according to a chassis number search. It would also seem that the second air inlet hole was not fitted at that time. (to my F). Perhaps TF owners can comment.
At this moment K&N have these details and I am waiting to see if they can provided the right size replacement.
Part 2 to follow !!!
John Mac

Had a look through the archives - couldn't find the K&N part number.

Sounds as though you are well on the case John, but if you need another source of information, then try Lesley at
Rob Bell

Part 2 (and final) - Well that's it !! - K&N UK Sales
have just confirmed that they DO NOT make a replacement performance panel filter for either the MGF or TF - 2001 on (don't know about prior to that date but as the air box is the same I assume the answer is the same).
All my good intentions have now come off the drawing board and I have just bought the standard MG replacement filter. Mentioning all this to the MG dealer they said that they understood K&N didn't make a performance replacement as the EMU couldn't with consistent accuracy measure the extra "air/petrol" mix through the system and on occasions the engine would cut out. This apparently can also happen to the Almera and Ford Escort (for what its worth)
John Mac

My sept 2003 TF135 has two inlet pipes - one in the n/s wheel arch facing back and towards the strut and one across the rear of the engine in the bay.

>> Mentioning all this to the MG dealer they said that they understood K&N didn't make a performance replacement as the EMU couldn't with consistent accuracy measure the extra "air/petrol" mix through the system and on occasions the engine would cut out. <<

Erm... sounds questionable to me. Why else would X Power (i.e. MG themselves) sell the identically constructed Green filter for the TF???
Rob Bell

Tony, thanks for that confirmation regarding the airbox on your 135 :o)
Rob Bell

That seems to be correct and standard.
My 2001 F doesn't have the second inlet from the n/s wheel arch but does have the same size Filter Box.
John Mac

You have made an interesting comment on the "Green Filter".
When I found that the K&N route was going nowhere I enquired as to what other "replacement performance filters" were around and was offered a "Green " Filter, being cotton rather than foam I thought I would pursue this.
The nearest replacement "Green" filter I was given measured 269x108, wrong for an airbox measuring 285x140.
I looked up the "Green" filter website, wrong again the replacement filter they suggest again doesn't fit the F/TF air box.
What is going on - I can only assume that filter choice is a black art and if someone has fitted a "Green" one then they are happy that it doesn't fit exactly !
I'm thinking there is perhaps too much hype in this correct choice of replacement filter, when you think of it, the "Panel Filter" has to work through the parameters of (1) a stationary car with engine idling hence induced air only by engine ingestion to (2)air being forced into the air intake(s) at a much higher pressure via forward motion of 100mph + , quite a high design range for the filter to accommodate.
Does it really then not matter if it doesn't fit correctly, or does it matter because larger particles can get past into the system if its physically too small.
How long was that piece of string ? !!! all IMHO.
I'll get me coat !!
John Mac


The Green Filter for your car is listed under the TF and the part no is P950375 which is for post 2001 cars.
Blue Pocket Rocket

Blue Pocket Rocket - your correct.
This proves now that my 2001 F has been fitted with the improved TF larger Airbox, I wonder how many other F owners have been confused by this.
Thanks - all is now clear !!
John Mac

I think that things are now pretty clear: the original style narrow airbox was current on all models of MGF up until 2001, when it was replaced by the wide airbox (that you've got in your car John). However, only the Trophy made use of the additional rear air intake.

With the introduction of the TF in 2002, the Trophy style dual intake airbox was standardised across the range (although is it fitted to the 115 I wonder?)
Rob Bell

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