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MG MGF Technical - Could of problems steering and electrics'

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of probs/questions with my '97 F.

Recently the radio/clock/interio light stopped working. I checked the fuse box under the bonnet but all looks ok - I read something about another fuse box internally - where is this?

Second is a problem at speed - the car feels a little unstable and reponds in an over exageragted way to bumps and road curve such was switching lanes on a motorway. The F has always been a bit "light" at the front on the motorway but could this be a problem with tracking or something? I had all the suspension levelled about 18 months ago. Typically speeds over 60 feel a bit hairy!

Thanks guys.

Hi Rob,

The main fuse panel is below the steering wheel behind an access panel, in the knee region ;o)

I'd recommend jacking up each wheel and giving it a vigorous wiggle in all directions, a worn wheel bearing would give the symptoms you describe. Or a worn balljoint, or worn suspension bushes/components. If they all feel absolutely tight, then I'd suggest having 4-wheel alignment done. Browse Rob Bell's info on tracking, adopting an alternative geometry can have positive benefits on tyre wear as well as handling -

Good luck
Mike Hankin

Thanks - sorted the electrics a 15Amp fuse had gone - gave up too early on that one. Radio/lamp/clock now working.

On the other problem, I had both ball joints replaced last year. I have also noticed it makes a slight "clunk" when going over small bumps in the road. This seems to come from the front. Not sure if that connected and the steering is fine at urban speeds (upto 60).
R Walker

In addition to the wiggle investigation, also worth removing each wheel and checking that the lower mounting of the shock absorber hasn't begun to give way, which isn't uncommon. Track rod ends have a limited life too, evidenced by vertical play.

Mike Satur isn't far from you, might be worth booking your car in for a general health check.
Mike Hankin

Hi thank for your help. Fuse blew again - seems to be a problem with my CD player. Swapped out and been fine since.

The drifting on the motorway was caused by a worn track rod - pretty scary at 70MPH when the car shifts suddenly. It feels like a strong cross wind when there isn't one - for anyone else with similar problem.

Thanks for the help - it useful to know what to tell the mechanic you think is wrong!
R Walker

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