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MG MGF Technical - Courtesy light problem

There is an extended delay (about 60 secs) from the 1st time I open my door until the courtesy lights come on. The headlight alarm also has the same delay. Once the lights come on the problem goes away until the door is shut for a longer period (> 15 mins)again.

It's fairly cold and wet here in Australia at the moment and I was wondering if that has anything to do with the problem. Any suggestions?? Vehicle is a 2001 Trophy 160.

Thanks, Mark
Mark Hughes

Hi Mark,

I have a similar problem in the winter months in the UK, my drivers door will not operator the coutesy light when opened, however from springtime onwards until late Oct. it works fine, a thickening in the grease somewhere I suspect is the problem but I don't want to take the door lock apart to sort it out, anyone else have a solution ?

Mike (Trophy 160,M2 VJN)

I thought that mine had given up all together as they have not come on for over four months. Then last night out of the blue all the interior lights worked BUT stayed on for 20 minutes. The doors have been opened approx 15 times in the past 24hours and they only worked once in that time.
Andrew W Regens

Sounds indeed like problems within the door lock. Thee are three of Cherry switches inside.

May be going bad from water ingress ?
Just some pictures far below on site, and specification of the switches.

pics courtesy Will M., btw.
From a couple of years ago :)

Will, over to you.

Worth checking you still have the clear plastic sheet under the door card.
Jon Baker

Hi Mark
had the same problem it was the pasenger door lock had it fixed by an auto elec in geelong saved me the $350 for a new one
AR Cayzer

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