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MG MGF Technical - Courtesy lights remain on

Hi everyone,

My solidly built, fault-free (oh, OK, one HGF, but they don't count) 1997 F has developed an occasional habit of leaving the interior lights on after shutting the doors and starting the engine.

I thought this might be something simple like a wobbly switch on the door, but I can't see where it could be?!? Perish the thought that it would be a simple plunger on the hinge-side!

Could someone let me know where to look? Thanks!
P Hudson

Sorry but I sounds like a door lock mechanism (yes the whole 60 unit needs replaceing!)

And the bad news doesn't stop there... The replacement mechs have a diffrent connector than the original and you have to get an adaptor pack and carefully slice the old connector apart until you are left with just the metal pins (do no whatever you do slice the connector off, you _need_ the pins) then you reinsert these into the new connector, black goes to black on the mech, the other wire is not the same color.
Will Munns

Surely worth just cleaning all the connectors first Will - just on the off chance that a cheap can of contact cleaner will do the job?
Rob Bell

You could try that, but in my case it was clear that the 'seal' had been breached and the microswitches eaten.
Will Munns

I've just has the same things replaced on my 1996 car by the MGF Centre this very afternoon because of the same problem.

15 each plus VAT for the new design mechanisms (presumably rescued from a wrecked vehicle) and 2 hours labour to fit them.



Mate, did you keep the old ?

I would take it for research on the inner parts and the Cherry Micro-Switches.

BTW. I took loads of detail pix of all the locks from the old wreck before I sold them the other day. Dooh, later I thought it is *no good idea* to hosting all the details of MGF/TF lock mechanics as usual on webside. I better keep this security risk on the HD.
... excluding the glovebox lock may be, though .. *smile*.
Dieter K.

Dieter, I don't think there is much security risk of hosting what a lock looks like, especially as to get at the mech you'd have to cut thru the skin of the door.

I (still) haven't had time to play with the old mech, but finding time to stick it in the post is another matter, drop me a line at arm which is a dot com using the name william munns(with a dot) with your address. Do this soon or i'll end up cannabalizing it to see if I can put central locking on the midget!
Will Munns

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