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MG MGF Technical - Cowl (speedo cover) replacement/ Dash Removal?

Hi all

A known problem with MGF's are that the cowls crack and break. (For those not in the know, the cowl is the bit of plastic on the dashboard that covers the speedo.)

We'll, I've managed to obtain the unobtainable - a replacement cowl for my F!

I've found a thread on cowl replacement, written back in 2001:

I've also managed to find some pictures on Dieter's website about the replacement of the cowl:

I'm about to attempt to replace this myself and would really appreciate help from fellow members that have done this before.

I've gathered that this is a "complete dash-out job".

Although Dieter's images show where to find the hidden bolts, my dash has a passenger side airbag. Any advice on how to disconnect the airbag safely?

Any help/advice/shortcuts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


PJ Pienaar

Philip, have you found Andy's web site? - it contains a section of dash board removal that should be helpful? :o)
Rob Bell

Excellent! Thanks Rob!

Andy's website is a true treasure chest of MGF know how!



PJ Pienaar

Hang on... I'm sure I made a post on this thread earlier... and I don't remember drinking at lunch today... I also don't think I put any swear words in so it can't have been removed... strange...

Anyway.. it was just to say thanks to Rob for posting the link as I'd forgotten what it was this morning and I'm going to be needing the "dash" area of SF's site over the next couple of weeks...


Chris Tromans

Glad to be of help people. :-)

The galleries you want are in the REBUILD section and are titled:

"5th April - Dash (Part 1)" (most of which is relevant)
"12th April - Transmission Tunnel" (some of which is relevant)
"22 April 2003 - Dash (Part 2)" (most of which is relevant)

The reason the dash needs to come out is because the binnacle / cowl is fixed from below and behind, so you can't get to the fixings with the dash insitu, this picture shows what i mean:

>> <<

You also need to remove the steering wheel (and disable the airbag), this is covered in the following gallery:

"24th May - Wing, Steering Wheel" - Note only some of this is relevant.

Hope this helps, and good luck :-)


Scarlet Fever

Andy (SF)

Thanks so much for the input! Much appreciated.


PJ Pienaar

You could use my old dealers approach. Break off the old one and fix the new one on with silicon, job done;-/
Don't you just love dealers.
Neil Stothert

Thanks Neil, but I think I'll thake the "proper" route....

PJ Pienaar

the is no proper route. ;)
You need to drill *pilot-holes* through the heater channels and seal them later.
However, I would not take the risk and remove the whole dash, just only to change the cowl.

My few bits
Dieter K.

This thread was discussed between 18/11/2004 and 21/11/2004

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