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MG MGF Technical - Cracked Front Spoiler

Can anyone help? I pulled into my station car park the other day and went a bit too far. After realising that my front spoiler had hit the kerb I reversed back which cracked the front (just under the headlight). This is my first bit of damage in the two years I have had my F and as you can imagine I'm gutted! Is there a way of repairing the crack or do I need to have the whole front moulding replaced? Has anyone had a similar accident?

R509 ULR
Debbie Webber


The plastic bumpers can be repaired with an electronic welding device - I am sure one of our gallant owners will be able to give you more advice.

If it helps to soften the anguish I have done the same but have been fortunate in that I have got away with just scratches underneath.

Ted Newman

Hi Debbie,

Sorry to hear about your accident. It hasn't happened to me. On the occasions that I have gone a bit too far, the metal splitter thing underneath the front of the car scrapes a little on the kerb without causing any damage.

My dealer repaired a crack in my rear bumper by some clever electronic welding. After a respray, it looked as good as new.

It might be worth enquiring with your dealer if this is possible in your case.

Good luck !!

Daniel Ginger

the whole front spoiler is not that expensive, about 175... so why not change it?
Dirk Vael

Mike Satur has a nice new fron bumper assembly for 99 +vat+delivery.

May be your answer


This thread was discussed on 11/04/2000

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