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MG MGF Technical - Cracked rear screen...

Last night i decided to open the back part of the hood to gain access to some WD-40 i left in the engine bay - CRACK goes the back screen!

Looking for a cheap replacement, decent 2nd hand one will do, what are my option? We dont have screen cover on the insurance.


Gareth Kidman

That's happened to me in the past - so annoying.

Replacement wise, there are three options. New, second hand, and aftermarket replacement.

I've got mine from the MGF Centre, but the other mg specialists - Brown and Gammons and Mike Satur - offer the same service. Replacement is pretty straightforward.

I'd go for second hand if cost is a priority: the aftermarket ones are often not tinted like the original, so somehow look wrong.

But that said, there are specific hood specialists who offer a wider choice - and some have got good recommendations on this BBS (a quick search of the archive will reveal the identity of these).

Instructions on how to replace, if you want to DIY, can be found here:

Good luck
Rob Bell

It may be worthwhile giving Newton Commercial a call in Suffolk or BAS hoods (the latter were offering screens at 55 at Stonehleigh
david stonehouse

78 on ebay

Sam Murray

Meanwhile effect a temporary fix with the selotape like stuff teachers use to repair the spines of knackered tex books.
John Thomas

This teacher used a vinyl swimming-pool repair kit. Not even going to think about replacing the screen until summer arrives!
Graham Martin

I used waste pipe glue to repair mine and it gave an almost invisible repair.

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