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MG MGF Technical - cracked shock mounts

any news on the availability of the new chassis plates to rectify my craked upper rear shock absorber mounting
price and location of a good welder would be helpful

Try asking Mike Satur, I understand he has done some work on this...
Tony Smith

Too right Tony, Roger I have a car in at the moment for the same problem, I have made up some additional brackets for the rear mounts, these have to be welded in ,of course, bracket kit is about 28GBP plus vat, sorry, for the two turrets plus the cost of welding.


My rears are OK at the mo, but i am experiencing some wicked vibrations through the steering wheel, accompanied by the occasional bang from the front nearside. The handling seems to be affected as well, in that it tries to dig this wheel in under hard cornering.

Any ideas? My dealership thought it was worn track rod ends and has replaced them (
Scarlet Fever

>My dealership thought ...
.... Ok, no comment :-I

how about the condition of Scarlets:

- front subframe mounts ? already changed to the green splashed ?
- lower ball joints ?
- steering rack ?

Can be checked without much thinking.

The steering rack would be the worst :( 380 quid + works

Dieter Koennecke

Andy, try having the car tracked,this will show up any defects in alignment, if you have hit any large potholes it could have damaged the subframe, they are not very resiliant.

Having traking (and balancing again!) checked tomorrow.

Dieter, i assume you mean Polyflex type bushes? If so, then "not yet" - these are due to be done during the summer.

Lower ball joints were changed in February (as part of the MOT test)

My thoughts were:
Bushes (given Scarlets 80,000 mileage, the old ones MUST be shot by now)
Shock absorber (no visual leakage, havn't checked the front mounts yet as i didn't think they were a problem on the F - only the rear ones)
Shock mounting bush (am going to get hold of some of Mikes soon anyway - what about it Mike, got any in stock?)
Steering rack (Ouch! don't want to think about that one yet!)
Wheel bearing (Eeeek! worse still!)
Front Subframe (..... sorry, i passed out there for a moment! If this proves to be the problem, then i think a visit to B+G is on the cards, a fully seam welded one would do nicely!)

Scarlet Fever

Andy, the shocker bushes I have had made are for the std shocker, yours are adjustable from memory? If not then we have good stocks of the bushes available.
we have been preparing the MGF rally car see and have stiffened the rear subframe and fitted polybushes , we will be working on the front subframe as well before the next race. The upside of this is that several weaknesses (IMO) are apparant in the subframe , after some more testing ie ralling /racing we will be hoping to offer a modified S-F for road use. Seam welding alone is not sufficient. How about a tubular spaceframe with adjustable top and bottom links with coils.......sorry got carried away.

>> Andy, the shocker bushes I have had made are for the std shocker, yours are adjustable from memory? If not then we have good stocks of the bushes available. <<

Yep they are Spax adjustables (good memory, that was 4 years ago now!), but the adjustment is via a screw on the mid section of the shock, rather than the more usual route of a screw at the top in the mounting.

Sub-frame mods sound cool. I may be interested (if i ever get a pay rise!) Oh, the URL doesn't work by the way.

Anyway, expect an Email soon for the polyflex bushes and maybe the shocker ones as well (if you think they will fit).

Scarlet Fever

Andy another source of this problem lies in worn bottom ball joints. Replacement ones are easily available but they are a pain to fit in the first instance. Once someone has gone to the trouble of fitting replacements the original rivets are repaced with nuts and bolts and each subsequent change is done in about 10 minutes. Note that detecting play is not easy as the suspension is always in 'tension' and so 'holds' the ball pin firmly. You have to use a lever to check for play.

Roger Parker


Thanx for the suggestion, this was my first thought way back in February when i first started noticing the vibration. Lower ball joints were changed in February (as part of the MOT test) and this unfortunitely didn't cure it.

Any other ideas mate?

Scarlet Fever

This thread was discussed between 28/05/2001 and 04/06/2001

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