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MG MGF Technical - Crappy tire wear (update)

Hi All,

Well, after much advice and web research, I booked my car in for a bit of work today. About 3 hours later, the hydragas suspension was pumped up, 4 wheel alignment and 2 new tires was complete.

I have to admit now that the suspension has been "pumped up", the car looks like it's on stilts! Doesn't look as cool as the lowered MG, but then at the cost of a new set of tires every 18 months, I'm willing to sacrafice the cool factor.

I've had the car for 18 months now and have to admit that now the work has been done, the car feel 100% nicer to drive. Stearing is a little lighter and the car is a little more responsive. Haven't pushed it too hard yet as it's raining here tonight and MG's and rain don't mix.

For those of you in Sydney, I thought I'd let you know about a good MG garage. They were the old MG Rover in Killara and have now moved to Roseville. I used the old place once in the past and felt ripped off. Today, they provided me a quotem did the work and charged me $200 less. Their service has done a complete turn around. Definately worth a try.

All up the tires, hydragas and 4 wheel alignment was $650 Aussi dollars. Around 200 UKP. I felt fairly happy with that.

Now looking forward to my K&N filter arriving before the weekend so I can make a little extra noise on my local street.

Thanks for all the advice last week people.

Happy motoring.


Sonny Foster

Without seeing your car, I really can't see that raising the suspension will help, they have set heights that are 368mm +/- 10mm from wheel centre to the lower edge of the wheel arch and 338 mm +/- 10mm if lowering knuckles are fitted, this is at ambient temperatures of 17 deg C.

Mine is lowered and handles so much better, I have no abnormal tyre wear and the four wheel alignment has been adjusted to suit this set-up.

What mileage are you doing to need a new set of tyres every 18 months, my rears came off in June having been there for 30,000 miles. The fronts managed 26,000 miles.

You say steering is lighter and MGF's don't handle well in the wet, I'm not surprised your steering is lighter if your F sits like a Land Rover and they do handle in the wet, ask the track guys.

If you wish to make extra noise in your street I suggest changing the exhaust, the K&N will give you the extra noise you are looking for but is very unlikely to be heard by the neighbours.

Adrian Clifford

This thread was discussed on 19/09/2005

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