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MG MGF Technical - Creaking Front Suspension Question

Well after all my suspension advice I have a question, my suspension is creaking on small sharp dips.

The car has been mostly idle for the last six months and spent Christmas and New Year at the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks carpark. The creaking seems to stop if I go for a drive which uses the suspension more like down country lanes, if I then leave the car for a couple of days the creaking is back (though not as loud).

I don't think anything is wrong because it handles great and even better with the new shocks. I suspect it is because the car has not been driven so much and it has been wet and cold it's causing this creaking. I suspect the polly bushed areas are making the noise, can any type of lubricant be used or should I just drive the car more?

I hoped this was part of the broken shock absorber problem, but I think it just highlighted it. I don't think this is anything to do with the crossmember as it does not happen as described by others on this BBS.

Anyone have any ideas, Roger?
Tony Smith


I had a creaking sound on the front when I changed the anti-roll bar bushes to the poly types. It eventually disappeared.


Gaz, Well that's possible as I did not have the anti-roll bar bushes changed when I went for polly bushes.
Tony Smith

This thread was discussed on 28/02/2001

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