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MG MGF Technical - creaky clutch pedal

hopefully a quick question, the clutch pedal on my y plate 2001 mgf wedgewood blue has just started to creak when you press it or let it up. Is there a bush to lubricate or is it bad news all round as I'm beginning to get fed up of this car

John Collins

My 2002 TF160 does this about every 6 months or so, I just lubricate all the moving points of the clutch pedal in the footwell. I normally use the lubricant my dealer gives me after each service, but I'm sure WD40 etc. would be just fine. HTH.
Paul Lathwell

John you just KEEP ON being drawn to the dark side don't you...


I'll bring a can of WD40

you bring the delicious Pom or some photos of Florida and the drive to the south you did



you'll have to bring the F if you want it squirted.

Wdgewood Blue sounds nice, does it match the blue Midge?


Thanks for the info, wd40 did the job, I guess its a regular thing, but it did sound like the pedal was coming away from the bracket!


you've seen the mgf I'm sure a few months back - I've kept this one a while now!

I'll bring some pics to show you of our hols, but Pom is working wednesday night, so she sends her apologies.

Also I'll be in the midget as its in daily use agin due to the mgf being in dire need of new rear tyres and most tyre places here not having the 215/40zr 16's that I need.

I'd rather drive the midget on short fun journeys anyway!


John Collins

better watch out John

that girl is beginning to domesticate the garden

Planters already!

is she doing the same to you?



I do remember THAT car

give her our love

forgiven for not coming along

see you though and I wont bother with the WD40 then


WD40 will need to be continually re-applied.
Try an aerosol spray white grease - Halfrauds do one. Gets (almost) everywhere that WD40 does, but thickens up on contact and should be longer lasting.

Steve Clark

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