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MG MGF Technical - Cross eyed F

My Swedish registered F is currently in England as is myself.

Since coming over, the Swedish MOT has expired and I tried to get a British MOT which is basically the same. The car will not pass however due to the european beam on the head-lamps.

It's not worth the expense of buying two new head-lamps for the short time the car is going to be here, just another few months. So does anyone know where I can aquire a pair of British spec lamps?

Failing that, is there anyone out there who has faced a similar problem and found an alternative solution?

C Wright

I'm going to be in England (Cambridge) from Saturday till Thursday.

I have a pair of UK spec headlamps which you can have.

If you want them I can take them over.

Make me an offer.

Jorg Mendgen

I forgott...

You can always sell them on in the UK before you leave. For me it is more difficult to sell them here from Holland.

Jorg Mendgen

CW, your local friendly MGF breakers would be the best bet for secondhand lenses, try Midland MGF
or take Jorg up on his offer !

Would "beam redirectors" that we use for driving on the right make the lights acceptable for the mot man - I assume similar things are available for the LHD cars coming over here...

Some people also use stick on masks to prevent light going where it should not.

Might be worth asking...


Thanks for the offer Jorg

Unfortunately I'm in Bristol, over 250km from Cambridge and the car is forbidden to drive until the head-lamp situation is fixed.

Just in case though, what do you call a reasonable offer? They's about 120 each from a dealer.
C Wright


The garage has tried beam deflectors but the result was not good enough to pass the test. The stick on mask would not suffice either.
C Wright

Because MG is the friendsip marque I will sell them to you for 90. And that's for both together.

I'm happy to ship them to you if you accept the offer (UK shipping has to be paid by you).

I can provide you with a UK account for the transfer.

You can sell them for much more later!!


CW You could try
they are in Gloucester which is not that far from Bristol

Midland MGF didn't have any lamps in stock but if they did the price would be 85 each.

Still a lot more than I was hoping.
C Wright

Cleave have a whole front end but are unwilling to sell the lamps separately.

90 sounds like a fair price, I'd like to take you up on your offer.

Please give me details of how to pay and I'll try and wire the money to you tomorrow.

Thanks for all the excellent help guys.

C Wright

Chris, please tell me your email.

It's a little more discreet.


Jorg Mendgen


It's going to be 98.15 incl. postage.

If you want to make a Western Union Money Transfer (same day delivery)

Dhr. Jorg Mendgen
Brinklaan 68A
The Netherlands

(email reference number back to me)


If your able to send a cheque please write it out to:

Dr. Katrin Allen

and post it to:

Dr. Katrin Allen
Mill Cottage
Mill Hill
Weston Colville

I will post the lamps on saturday in any case so you have them asap. Don't forgett to email me your address.

Kind Regards,

Jorg Mendgen
JP Mendgen

Also, try MGF Centre - based in Wolverhampton (not too far from Bristol). Thier website is linked from this BBS (one of the advertisers).

Besides, Victoria at the MGF Centre is better lookng than Jason at Midland MGF ;-)

Scarlet Fever

If Victoria is as good looking as you say, my girlfriend won't let me go there!!

Jorg, I've sent you a mail with my address.

C Wright

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