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MG MGF Technical - Cross-member rewelded. No more squeaks! :)

Hi all (especially Dieter and Gary)

I have my cross-member rewelded (damn they took long time. One whole weeek! oh yeah they also carried out a 20,000km service at 17500km ), and now it's not squeaking anymore. So I guess it wasn't the rivets on the steering wheel column or just trims moving against each other.

The place I took mine was Glenfield Land Rover dealer (not certified for MGFs), but they were really good. They treat me with respect, and they read all the stuff that I supply. (I supplied a 10 page long instruction sheet). I don't care how long it takes, as long as they fix it properly! And in this case they did!

Since, many people have mentioned, about the cross member re-cracking, I even wrote out a special instruction sheet for the welder. (The welding took place in a different panel beater, was towed / carried to the place after removal of the dash). I even went there and checked if the Rover dealer forwarded the sheets, and they did!

So I was driving home, with radio off testing the car out on the rough / uneven road without a single squeak or rattle. (I still get rattles from the windows if they are down a little, but that's a different story)

Anyway, I asked for the warranty on the work they did, and the service manager assured me that the welding was done properly... he even checked, and it won't crack at all (he also told me that it wasn't cracked in the first place, I think it was just getting a little loose). They primed the cross members, and fully did the repainting on the site. The dash was fit back on perfectly (but my momo gear knob wasn't), and I can't find any faults as of yet. Oh yeah, hand brake feels a little loose compared to before, but it's okay.

So yes!! it's been dealt, and I will just keep my fingers crossed hoping that this doesn't happen again! And since it was done by a panel beater, I think this will be fine!

If you guys want an instruction sheet that I made, feel free to ask for it, I will email you.

Thanks to all. (Rob / Mike S / Mark / Gary / and DIETER!!)

Total cost was $865 in NZ or 261 pounds (UK duh).

I didn't bother to talk to Rover for a free stuff.


Hanah Kim


I suppose French roads are not as rough as NZ ones but on country roads I do have those annoying squeaks too. I would be intersted in the instructions !


Happy to know that it has been sorted out ... and that you won't be driving around in a Beetle ;))
Again, the BBS has been really useful ...

Woohoo! :)

Now I just hope my F doesnt develop any squeekz ;p

Shashi Dookhee

To Jerome,

Sorry, that I can't send you the instructions as of yet. I am in the process of moving my house! (been packing moving stuff), I will be settled in by Thursday (your time), and will forward you the emails then.

To Fabrice,

Wow do you remember that beetle post of mine? :)
Great memory you have. I am glad that I can keep my F as well!
(Also got a call from the place I bought my F (second hand) today, and he gave me an extra key and the key fob! Boy was I happy! Saved around 60 pounds)

To Shashi,

Hehehe, how is your rear speaker installation going?


Fantastic!!! :o)

Cheap job, considering the work involved. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

Rob Bell

Muuuhhaaaahhhaha !!
Great !!! Was a strong jobby, not only for you ;-)


Hanah ..... ,

.....did you take pictures :)))

Dieter Koennecke

Dieter, sorry no pictures...

But I will send you my instruction sheets that I wrote out for them.

Same with Jerome.

Hanah Kim

Just came in.
Hanah, some will laugh about us, but it's another silly MGF repair that never would have happened without this BBS.

I convert to HTML as it is :)
Would you like it for your own site ?
Anyway, I blow it up as it is. 'Take it back' later, if you got time.

Link to follow soon.

Take care now, the car surely seams to be to silent now ... LOL... time to add a nice sounding exhaust.

Dieter Koennecke

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