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MG MGF Technical - 'Crunch' when engaging reverse

Very often when I engage reverse in my 1.8i a "crunch" noise is audible. Gear box oil level is fine. Is it be possible that the clutch is not properly adjusted?
JM Vega-P.

Hi Mike,

no, this is a mad standard at the MGF. Cable adjustments at the gearbox bracket joint might help.
The cable adjustment can be done by any good skilled mechanic. Both ends of each cable (one below the gear stick, the second at the gearbox) have M6 thread and the length can be adjusted.

But must of us (IMO) just engage the first or third gear before going back to the reverse. Case of practicing.

PS. An answer due to the inlet manifold gasket gets send when I'm back from hol's by email.
Dieter K.

The owners manual says to depress the clutch & wait one second before engaging reverse, I do this and there is no crunch.Otherwise you get a gnashing & grinding of teeth,



My car was the same and the gears were difficult to select.
The car has now been transformed by ........
Changing the gearbox oil. The gear action is now silky and reverse can be selected without first engaging a forward gear. I think the oil is often neglegted in the gaerbox and it has to work very hard too.

Go on change it and feel the difference.

VVC Owner
Tony Harrison

This morning I have the oil changed. Crunch diminished but not resolved, however following Alan instruction -depress the clutch and wait a sec before engaging reverse- apparently did the job.
Than you all guys.
JM Vega-P.

This is acommon trait with ALL PG1 gearboxes as there is no synchro on reverse. Selecting 1st or 4th first usually helps line up the gears so reverse is easier to engage
Gary Boxall

welcome to the world of ROVER gearboxes. Crap. All of em. Never had a rover that hasn't done this.


Grow up Brum person.
They are not ALL Crap.
Tony H

Its a fact there is no syncro or brake on reverse so all PG1's do it. Don't waste your money just live with it. As suggested engage a forward gear to stop the shafts turning before selecting reverse.
Paul Hollingworth

Thank you Paul
Exactly right.
Tony H

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