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MG MGF Technical - Darkside? Who invented it?

Who invented this Darkside thing?

Total nightmare!
Too much is never enough!
Look at SF: a complete junky!
Look at me: a noise crazed lunatic
Look at Dr Bob, and Dave Livingstone...handling and performance freaks.
Dieter, Emma, Fiona, Mark, Gareth...etc etc

...I've just bought some more stuff!


>>Look at Dr Bob, and Dave Livingstone...handling and performance freaks.

Too true - just spending another wad on keeping my '98 car pristine and completing the 'stiffness kit' with solid sub-frame mounts. Total junkie.
Dave Livingstone

Uh oh, Dave's car raises the bar yet again... That's the Darkside Downside!
Mike Hankin

Does the Darkside also include the 'Brightside'?

....Just thinking about Dave Morris's car!!!
Mike Hall

Hi Mike(s)

Mike Hall - Brightside it is for Mr Morris and friends :-)

Mike Hankin - where've you been? We missed you at the MGoT committee meeting. Join us in The Pit Lane.
Dave Livingstone

Ok Dave, tell us all about the "stiffness" project. Costs, problems iissues results.

btw are we to call this a Viagra job?

Hi Neil,

All documented previously in MGE - didn't you see it? I can send you a copy of the text if you like. Yes for good handling we must add the viagra job to the four nipple job :-)
Dave Livingstone

Ha ha! No one is safe from the Darkside. I've overspent on mine this month so she's not getting anything else until next pay day. (Overspent on dull things, not proper Darkside stuff - Chips-Away, rotor arm, dizzy cap and now my coolant leak - should be fixed tomorrow).

Emma Jackman

I have purchased full leather interior (dash,doors,tbar,etc), ebc rear discs, trophy splitter, lowering pins and some other minor parts from MGF Centre this month.Hopefully all will be delivered next week (fingers crossed), i am overexcited i must say. Especially on the interior which started to appear dull after 6.5 years. I cannot resist the darkside it is so strong and makes me happy all the time.

>>> I've overspent on mine this month so she's not getting anything else until next pay day <<<
Oh my god, it's only the first day of the month;
I must spent some more on my F, I am loosing it.

(january was ULW month ;o)

I just re-read my post and realised what it must look like. That's to say I don't get paid on the first day of the month, I got paid a few weeks ago, so my money is long gone. I forgot to add, I also got a second-hand rear bumper off of eBay as well. Spoilt F!

Emma Jackman

Once you enter you will not return! lol.
DJC Dorrell

Dark Side, who invented it?

Hmmm, well there are a number of answers, the obvious one first...

1 ) George Lucas

The first person i am aware of who used the phrase in relation to MGF modification was Rob Bell, erm, i think he was talking about me at the time! LOL :-)

Check out some of the early threads in the Archive, i remember going by the moniker 'Scarlet Vader' for a while back in 1996 or so!

For those who don't know, the term Dark Side and it's application to F modification relates to a number of quotes from the original Star Wars trilogy, but the one that sparked it off (and is just as true today as it was then) is...

"Beware the Dark Side. Once you start down the Dark Path... Forever will it dominate your destiny!"

There are others that are also appropriate, eg:

"The Force is strong with this one..."


"You do not know the POWER of the Dark Side!"

SF <-- Join me, and together we can rule the Galaxy!! :-D
Scarlet Fever

Re Darkness and the Brightside Mike here's a quote or two from Star Wars that could ref to me as you say ;-))

"I think my sight's improving. Before I could only see a dark blur, now I can see a light blur"

"The Force will be with you. Always"

Dave ;-)
DC Morris T6 DCM

I don't know whether or not I like being referred as a darksidee?
I've had my BRG '96 1.8i, nearly 2 years and only bought and fitted, a K&N, Trophy Splitter, shiny grills, leather steering wheel, TF interior, TT nutter mad B"$^"rd exhaust, Grooved discs and mintex pads, poly bushes, Spax shocks, Newton door pockets, wind stopper, leather arm rest (can anyone reccomend a leather dye?)and ordered a glass rear screened hood,
Plus 2 ECUs, complete new HT system, an HGF, new cat & downpipe, under body pipes, two hoses, three services, 2 and 3/4 sets of tyres, loads of waxes & stuff.
Thats pretty restrained, I mean, have you seen Mike S's catalogue?
I the Darkside do not in dwell! young Master Neil.
Do I?
Do I?

g hampson

Bit like the Eagle "Hotel California", you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave ....

Andy P
Do you want to Captain the ER quiz team. With knowledge and quotes like that no one will stand a chance.

David Stonehouse

Quiz team?


For Me it all started with a chrome lighter......then the chrome ashtray.....later type gear knob..... then the mk2 consul...leather interior , leather steering wheel, roll hoops, new hood ,k&n, endless interior chrome bits, clear indicator kit, ss exhaust , leather arm rest, rear speaker upgrade ,shiny grilles ,sports aerial front splitter, etc etc.. All over a two year period, for me the car is my hobby
m e johnson

.......and now the bits are worth more than the car!!!
m e johnson

How right ;-( ha ha
DC Morris T6 DCM

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