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MG MGF Technical - Dash Board squeaks.. How do I stop it? No this is nothing to do with welding..

Hi all,

I am annoyed by rattles in my MGF. Other than that I just love it...

Window rattles, that I can live with at the moment.

Dash board squeaking no.. I think I can do something about it.

It's got nothing to do with crossmember welding, I know it because when I drive on a rough road, I can stop the noise by holding on to the speedo / dash area. The plastic top (on speedo, roundy stuff) actually squeaks, by touching itself with the major dash (bigg piece of plastic).

So I want to take the top off and put it back on after, altering some bits, but I don't have a workshop manual.

Can any one give me a guide line or send me just some copies of workshop manual on removal of dash covers?
(Speedo area)

Please let me know.


Hanah Kim

the only rattle my F has is from the glove compartment door,a hefty thump normally stops it, but its much worse when there are cassettes in the holders.

No rattle from the glove compartment for me.

Francis had a solution here, but I haven't seen him on this BBS for a while now.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks Louise.
Hanah Kim

not me tonight.
I'm so tired
First impression.. The look of the dashboard after some hours works and a bucket full bolts ands plastic parts are in the background.

Dieter Koennecke

New Zealand Road is one of the harshest road in the world, and man..

MGF doesn't like it!!! On smooth roads, I love my F, then once I come on bumpy / rough road... it just feels like a piece of crap.

Rattle / Squeaks everywhere. Windows / dash / seats

Other than that mechanically the car is sound.


I don't think leaving the car at the service, will do any good for me.



Hanah Kim

My MGF (9 months old) emits an annoying rattle on bumpy roads, which seems to come from the passenger door or thereabouts. It sounds like a screw or something rattling around, but alas I have had no success locating the source. The car would be perfect were it not for this imperfection...anyone got any ideas on what it could be?

>New Zealand Road is one of the harshest road in the world...

New Zealand roads are as smooth as a baby's bum compaired to Sydney roads !

Hanah, I've had this problem before. It only mainly happens around this time of year (summer) The dash warms up in the sun and the piece of glass (or what ever that is) that's infront of the speedo squeaks. Two ways to fix it... there's 2 screws to play with that you need to be upside down to see ( sit on your head and look at the speedo you should see them ) the other fix is jam a bit of paper between the glass and the dash (WHEN the dash is hot)

Matthew Minion


Yes! this has only started happening this summer! I got this car last March which was kinda cooler than now.

Didn't squeak at all before.

The screws you mentioned. I could undo one of them, and other is a pain in the ar*e! I couldn't get it off, and was kinda ruining the screw, so I stopped there.

I was planning to take the car into dealers for them to fix it.

What should I tell them?

My car only squeaks from driver's side somewhere around the speedo thingy on drive way thumps (like a drainage) / rough uneven road (fixed with patches) / doesn't squeak on pot holes, my wheels seem to cover them well / on tight corners, probably twists a bit of dash plastics..

Hehe, yes I've been to Sydney, and yes it's as bad as New Zealand! Some NZ road is good, but most are poor as.

Well that phrase (NZ road is on of the harshest road) was from a tyre ad in a car magazine.. hehehe..

Anyways, Thanks. Please let me know.

Hanah Kim


I just tighten them when the dash was hot... (If you do it when it's cold it doesn't work ?) When I take my car into the dealers to fix one issue the issue gets fixed but in the process they cause 3 other issues. From memory my problem started after I asked the dealer to look at the speedo since the needle was shaky at 60km (common issue with the "F") my guess is that it wasn't tighten backup enough


P.S Was your car a Jap grey import ?
Matthew Minion


Sadly yes about the Jap import, but with AA check up and other certificates from Japan. [I don't have a Service history though)

I did some AA check to check the milege (if it's clocked or not).

And the guy said the car is in a good condition with genuine milege. It did 9800km when I bought it.

Mid - 97 VVC model.

The car had original tyres (NCT3) with 9800km use on it. With original Autopart battery.

Just like you said!! Dealers cause more problems after fixing one thing.

Now I am not sure if it is cross-member + creaking. Cross-member I know the noise as I can hear tiny clicking noise if I push up and down the steering wheel with all the force I have :)

I think the creaking / squeaking that is driving me mad. (nothing to do with cross-member)

What would you do Matt? The 2 screws you have mentioned are tight as. I tried playing with the speedo glass panel, but they don't make noise if I push them up and down (and also left and right :( )

My MGF is mechanically sound. It goes well, and never had a problem. I drive hard occasionally... and did up to 205km with oil temperature of 110 degrees. Never had to top up my coolant for last 5 months... no change.

I am trying to put the volume up in the car, and trying to ignore the noise.

Should I take it to the dealer? What do you say Matt? Anything else that can creak / squeak around driver's side area? I checked my hood catches. They are not loose.


Many thanks. Man you reply quickly!

Hanah Kim

>Many thanks. Man you reply quickly!

Very little to do at work today (well all this week too)All the dealer going to do is tighten the screws and say... Well it didn't happen when we test drove it. If it's really driving you mad maybe some clear silicon gel (like the stuff builders use to make stuff water proof) applied to the gap where the glass meets the plastic dash (in a very small amount... if it doesn't work it peels off without too much fuss) other to that Dieter may know that answer.

Matthew Minion

Is some of the noise coming from the centre console?
My VVC does creak a bit from the centre console and there are a couple of screws on the inside which need to be tightend up. You have to do this by taking out the radio.
Other than that try a smaller flat blade screw driver and try to undo the screw( the head should fit in the head of the screw better than a cross head, hopefully allowing the romoval of the screw)

Good Luck.


Guess what!

Lister, I recently had my centre console refitted in the car. It kinda wasn't fully fitted in, and it only started creaking after that!

Maybe I should take it to the dealer and ask him to look at it..

Dieter must be away i think. He normally posts here pretty often.

Thanks Matthew for the silicon tip. I will take it to the dealer sometime soon.

Will keep you updated.
Hanah Kim

A little info here , the origional press release cars were assembled with strips of felt between the plastic parts, such as instrument cowl, dash centre console, in the doors, etc etc. Try taking the easily removeable parts out and use some thin strips of felt or similar and stick it between the offending parts. Try a local trim shop that are experienced in removing trim and get them to carefully reassemble with felt or the like as suggested.The centre console plastic radio fascia was modified to take two extra clips below the radio to hold it to the metal horizontal strip behind, you can add these to hold the fascia more secure, to modify the fascia a file is needed to make two rebates in the plastic for the clips, easily done!


If I were in UK, I would definately take my car to you Mike..

I want so many mods! and little things looked after a professional, but none to be found in NZ ...

Thanks for the information Satur though..

Now I am going to the garage and going to start spraying that WD40 of mine.. :)

Hanah Kim


>start spraying that WD40 of mine..

leave out the brakes and clutch please :)
Dieter Koennecke


WD40 did nothing at all.


-_- (that's the un-happy face)

And regarding to brakes and clutches = thanks for the tip Dieter, I almost did! hehehe

Unhappy Hanah.

Hanah Kim

Great to see you not loosing fun :)

Back to the squeeks.
See Mikes comment and suggestion to apply 'felt'.

What instructions do you need else ?

BTW ;-))
Has somebody got the translation for 'Ohrenschutz' ;-)

Dieter Koennecke


I think it's welding now.

I have been driving around pushing up and down the steering wheel...

and it squeaks like hell!

Now I am in a mood to sell the car. It's just making me crazy..!!!

If I can buy another MGF without a single problem i will definately for sure.

Now I am looking at other cars like MR2 / VW Beetle / Renault Clio Sport

Ouch.. Dieter, i am loosing fun and panicking now

Hanah Kim

Hanah, you may inadvertently made the problem worse! Do not put excessive force on the strg whl as the clamps at the top of the column are held in place by plastic 'rivets' if you apply a sideways or downwards force these rivets shear and cause excess movement which may be contributing to your squeaks. I have seen some welds missed off the column mounting brackets (have Mayflower a quality control dept?)and this won't help the squeaking either if the brackets are flexing.If you have some movement on the steering column from side to side and up and down then it looks as though you have damaged the 'rivets'. The cure? Well I am not aware there is one other than a new column assembly. these plastic rivets are 'cast 'in situ during manufacture, if you substitute with a steel rivet the column won't collapse as it was intended in a impact.Perhaps you can look at some plastic rivets from a fastener supplier. This information is supplied in good faith and you must make your own decision as to how you effect a solution.

Thanks Mike for the info.

Why the hell people been telling me to force steering wheel to check the cross-member.. AARRRG!!

I didn't force it too much but hard enough to make creaking noises.

Mike, how much am I looking at fixing these noises? i cannot live like this. It's whether a fix or this loved MGF (mechanically sound) is gonna go. Only if I lived in UK, it would be in good hands.


Unhappy Hanah

Hanah Kim


I read the comment to the Clio thread. So whats going around ?

Is it the plastic of the dash ?
Is it the steering column fixture ?
Is it the cracked welding of the cross member bar ?

You wrote that you want it perfect (MG is only nearly perfect), but with panic nobody can help on analysing the failure.

Perfect is also a systematic way of an analysis. ;-)
What do you mention.
I (we) can explain i.e. how to disassemble, re-assemble the whole dash board, but can you fit the parts back ?

Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter.

I know I know I am panicking...

Okay since you are trying to help me. Here is the single main problem I have with my F.

Before I take it to the dealer... could you help me?

I heard that there was an official notice on this matter (just like the exhaust bracket)


I don't think it's the plastic trim pushing each other now.

It squeaks a lot when I am on an uneven surface (i.e. the body flexes). Also with big pot holes. Coming out of a drive way. and also squeaks on a tight turn (another body flex).

So I think there is a problem with the steering fixture and a cracked welding on the cross-member.

Since my car is a jap import (with geunine 9700km) + 3 years old, I am not expecting any good deals from Rover, but I want this sorted out.

I want an official intructions to how to get this sorted out, so I can print out and take it to the dealer with me...

Any help?



No. I am not interested in other cars.

I have looked. If I were given the same amount of money. I will buy my F again for sure.

I parked my car on the drive way, and looked, and man it looked great! I can live with noises.

(no I can't hhehe, I want this thing looked after)

So Dieter, my hearts on my F, please help when you wake up!


Hanah Kim

I woke up and sent him some special data regarding the cross member rewelding.
Hanah, I'm sorry its german only. The try on translation should lead on the right way.

Anyway, for disassembling:
1. the steering wheel,
2. the indicator switch group,
3. the instrumentsframe and instrument,
4. the center console and at last
5. the dash board...

You need a workshop manual. All the above instructions are written to different sections of the manual. I'm in doubts wether that all is vital, cause I got it already once disassembled without searching the manual up and down.

The above stated sequence is vital and nothing can be left out.

The works are proposed with about 3,6 hours works, but I guess only if the craftsman knows about the remove works of the above written parts.

If someone can state the work steps and bolts location to term 1...5 in readable english, would be helpful in any way.

Now off for some champagne and celebratings

Cu in 2001
Dieter Koennecke

Just forgot this.
If someone asks you where you got the attachments from.
Tell him that it fell from heaven, or you found it in a 'bottle' at the coast.
Dieter Koennecke

Happy New Year Dieter!

Thanks so much for the information.

Just like last time, if you come across an english version.. please do send it to me! ;)

If I get this thing sorted out, I will send you a thank you present to Germany! :)

Last night (new years eve at 11:50) I was driving through the main road with lots of people around, telling me how cool my car is etc. I felt good. And yes I am keeping my F for sure...!!

Thanks Dieter again and again..
And yes, I know where I got the source from. The present from the god.


Have a great day!

Hanah (Happy again)
Hanah Kim

Muhuhhaha, no credits, before its fixed,
can't help alone.
Never alone, without this BBS and loads of Enthusiasts little or great input. Presents ? Thank the other friends here.

MGF is not only a caar, its a hobby :))

Like the champagne ;-)
'Mumm dry', can recommend it :)

Cheers from germany and a happy new year

Dieter Koennecke

Last question, before I take my car to the dealer.

The one Mike Satur mentioned about.

If my Steering column assembly rivets are stuffed up (It doesn't move up and down, really I can just make it creak by forcing it up and down a little).

Do you have any spare parts for these Dieter? Or it's not possible, because I drive a RH and you drive LH?

So I guess I want the 'rivets' just for the sake of it, as I don't even know if they are not damaged or not. If they are not that expensive I want to buy them off you Dieter.

Let me know thanks!

It's already 3pm 1st of Jan 2001 here.

Hanah Kim

I didn't get the point exactly that Mike mentioned.
Have the wreck not nearby to look for it. Need to identify the parts. If its possible to disassemble them, no doubts, I don't bother sending parts anywhere.

Anyway, its interesting and I look for it in late next week.

Tumbling to bed now.
3:05 am :))
Dieter Koennecke

Good night!

(I don't know what parts Mike is on about either, but sure sounds important. ;))

I will definately pay for anything that can help.

3:05am I guess we have a 12 hour difference in time.
Hanah Kim

Hi all.

I have just talked to the dealer, and he said he is willing to try it. He is going to bring a welder (with his mobile truck) to re-weld my cross-member.

On the phone he told the panelbeater, that it is a simple welding job, and I told him again 'no it's quite complicated, it will re crack if you do it lightly. Heavy rewelding plus lots of drilled holes, etc.' He was delighted that I knew all the details. Even the official time taken to fix this problem. :)

So it's booked for next Tuesday morning.

He is looking at around 4~5 hours though. As he has never done that before.

Does this mean I will have to get charged for 4~5? or for the suggested time in their books? (it was 3.2 hours to remove and refit the dash. I guess other 0.8 for welding)

I also bought some speakers for the rear T-bar today. I will fit them on ASAP!

Earthquake speakers 6 x 4 from USA. They were more expensive than JBLs by far, so hopefully they are good!

I will keep you guys updated.

Hanah Kim

Oh also...

Just to get my car all checked up after the dash refit + rewelding...

I am going to get 20000km service (even though I am on 17500km) at the moment.

Hopefully that should be all good at the end..


Hanah Kim


> He was delighted that I knew all the details
*grin* hope its enough :o)

I wish all the best for the cross member bar job.
Don't forget the pictures from
Special this one.

According the costs. Can' recall former comments from you, but if all runs official including the offifiality of that dealer, then good will or warranty should be possible.

knocking on wood
Dieter Koennecke

offifiality should be officiality, I'm sorry.
Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter (who is still interested)

I have already printed the photos from your site!


I showed it to the service manager, and he was at first shocked.. he thought that i actually took the photo of my car.. and that i pulled everything apart..

he was going.. 'sir, did you pull your car apart? with O_o <- shocked face'..

and I said.. 'hell no.. look at it.. it's a LHD!'



Good fun.

I am not expecting any good will or warranty. As long as I can get it fixed.. :)

Thanks though!

SEe ya
Hanah Kim

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