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MG MGF Technical - Dash removal..... is lots of fun :-)

Evening folks,

Just to let you know I'm in the middle of the dash removal... there's now lots of 'bits' all over the place and its slowly looking sparser and sparser in the F!

Planning to remove all the rest of the 'bits' tonight and then lift the dash itself out tomorrow night or thursday night. I've got till next Monday to complete the job so plenty of time... annoying thing is I wanted to take photos but the missus has nicked the digital camera to take on holiday... humph...

I'm presuming its current state won't affect the security of it at all? The alarm will still all work etc... the instrument pack (speedo etc) will also be coming out tonight...

To SF - the 'rebuild' pages are working a treat - many thanks!

I hope I can put this back together again once I've sort the rattles out otherwise I might be inviting some of you up here at the weekend! :-)


Chris Tromans

Maybe worth a trip to Maplins and an investment in a supply of small bags & a pen to label them with. Putting the right screws back into the right holes is thereby made a bit easier ;-)

Good luck!
Mike Hankin


A few questions to anyone who's done this.

1.Do I need to remove the heater controls unit or can I just undo the bolts and leave it in place? this bit:

2.Do I need to remove the centre tunnel? SF's site is showing it removed by now but I'm presuming I don't need to.

3.There was a random block of polystyrene behind the air bag blank.. I took it out and I'll no doubt put it back again but whats it for?

And a couple of notes:

1.When I took the instrument pack off (speed etc), I only had 3 block connectors on the back - there is no "speedo cable" as per it says on SF's site:

2.I quote from SF's site re: the 4 8mm bolts on the top in the window demister vents - "This is a bit of a tricky job as access is very limited"... you are not kidding mate! I'm off to buy a smaller ratchet tomorrow as mine is not going to be fitting around that area! :-)

Cheers all


ps. glad the missus is away as in our downstairs toilet, there's now a bike, a shed (that I need to put up) and now half an mgf interior ;-)
Chris Tromans

1. No
2. yes due to clearance for the radio fixture bracket at the dash
3. No idea

1. No wonder, you have the newer _digital_, SF has the older MGF design.
2. yep, it's an ar*e get get them off.

>Thread: Dash removal..... is lots of fun :-)
Wait until you start trying to get it back
The _Fun_ will increase

Good look with it and
See that you get it back without any unwanted force or pressure to the rear instrument cowl. It will break at any time later then.


Many thanks!

Ok, the centre tunnel doesn't look too much of a challenge so that will come out as well tomorrow night.


Chris Tromans

I have received this yesterday :

Can someone tell me what is exactly involved in fitting these items ?
I've never dismantled this part of the car... so far.

There are fitting instructions, but in German, and my German is ... err, OK to speak about the weather or ask my way, but not much more :-(

Wow! Now it is not often that a bit of bling gets my attention, but I really like those Fabrice! :o)

I'd definitely want a set if they're available?

Anyway, back to your question. The person best qualified to answer your question is Scarlet - he's recently fitted the Chrom Design polished alloy dash insert.

Unfortunately, the answer is that this would be something pretty hard to fit UNLESS you can pass the ring-trims through from the rear side of the instrument cluster. The front of the cluster is protected from the outside world by a transparent perspex 'window' that is bonded to the instrument cluster assembly. To remove it is very very tricky without cracking the perspex - and unfortunately, even in Andy's careful hands, the perspex cracked...

But looking at the photos, the effort would be worth it!!! :o)
Rob Bell

Just put the advert through the Altavista translator - intrigued by the comment:

>>Unpack - insert - finished

The installation is very simple and the provided fitting instruction is detailed and easily understood. <<

It's possible that the rings are inserted from behind after disassembling the instrument assembly from its binnacle... which makes life quite a lot easier :o)
Rob Bell

I confirm that the provided fitting instructions are detailed... in German. No pics or drawings though.

I'll look in the TF workshop manual and then have a go at fitting the things soon, I hope.

Rob, The ebay seller in Germany will probably sell you this item, if you are interrested. And he's really fast at sending ;o)

Perhaps we can persuade one of our German speaking members to translate the instructions for us Fabrice? ;o)

Does the seller have another auction? The one you've posted has just one item listed, which ended of course when you bought it! LOL
Rob Bell

Okay, found another auction for these trims... mm, you might now persuade me to register as a buyer on eBay!!! ROFL
Rob Bell

>I have received this yesterday :

Errrm, we had a huge bulk purchase recently at the German Forum (now black coloured) .
I remember it had been 30 or what kits at once with _tiny_ discount.
Should I have said something about it ?
Me didn't buy one, though.

Anyway, the DIY is straight foreward.
Bolt off until you reach the location. Adher the rings with cyano glue and put all back.

BUT, from memory, the instructions ask to disconnect the the speed cable by fiddeling it off direct behind the instrument.
This is silly. Disconnect the cable in the bonnet below the wiper cover at the first interconnection.
Then pull off the instrument including the first section of the cable and remove this section from the instrument.

Makes life much easier.

PS, Fabrice, I still am curiuous what MGF you got now ?!?!?!

Thanks for the info Dieter.
Indeed, it's very easy DIY. I did it yesterday and it took me just 30 minutes.
3 screws for the steering column surrounds, 4 screws for the cowl surround, 4 other screws for the instruments unit, and finally 2 screws holding together the front and back parts of that unit.
Rob, you were right, the rings are inserted from behind.
I didn't have to remove any cable from the instruments... just the light wire going to the front part (with the perpex).
The small rings are very close to the "back" of the needles of the fuel and water temp gauges. In order to avoid any interference, I decided to cut about 1 mm of them (I mean the needles). It's maybe not mandatory, but that's no big deal, it's not noticeable to the eye.

The final result is nice ;o)
It doesn't look as "bright" with the instruments under the cowl as on the ebay pictures with the instruments assembly out into the light, and the bottom of the small (outer) rings are *nearly* hidden by the black plastic surround.
Anyway, IMO it's worth it.

Dieter, I've got a TF now, the one you know, I got it near Krefeld...
I don't have the VIN here with me, but I can look and give it to you. It's the one that I asked you about, if you've still got the email.

We've talked about these rings on the forum a while ago, but nobody decided to order a set because we had our doubts about the "easy fitting".

Good to know if isn't that hard.

PS. Fabrice, don't forget August 21st ;o)

Hi Erik,
proud to be the guinea pig ;o)
Go for it if you like these rings !

August 21st is now in the agenda. I hope I can make it...
I have conviced 2 more friends to buy F/TF's ; so if we come, this time we'll be at least 2 TF's and 2 F's ;o)


Ok, just to hijack my thread back again :-)

Having a bit of trouble and I definately think its going to be easier if the steering wheel is off... so I'll have to nip out in the morning and get a 19mm socket as I've just realised I haven't got one... Its too much of a challenge to lift the dash over the steering wheel with only one person - you have to be in 9 places at once!

Also, with the windscreen air vent pipes underneath - is it better to unattach at the top or the bottom - I've got them unattached at the bottom at the moment so they still seem to get in the way a bit...

Cheers all

Chris Tromans

Right... thats it...

I've had a go and had enough... I'm not usually a defeatist.. but.. still can't find the major rattle so I think along with that and that fact I'm going to have to fork out 500+ to get the bushes and shocks all done I think its time to call it a day with Velma and trade her in... not sure what for yet.. might even go for a 2 year old TF 160 if I can pick one up for a decent amount.. lets see..

Cheers all for the help tho..

Chris Tromans

What was the stumbling block Chris? You ought to have a chat with Scarlet - he managed to remove the entire dashboard assembly single handed. :o)
Rob Bell

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