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MG MGF Technical - Dashboard Warning light failure

The light on the dash has failed. How do I change the bulb ?

Which light are you referring to, there are many? To get at the lights in the instrument housing you will need to first remove the cowl. The cowl is the front edge above the instruments. Use a small chunky posidriv for this, there are four screws. Remove the cowl and you will see other screws revealed, can't remember how many. You should be able to find your own way from there. HTH
Bruce Caldwell

Front fog indicator bulb is the one thats failed.

Dont have fog lights so I am guessing that this is in the switch which I think is in the centre consol not in the cowl - am I right?

If so it is possible to get at these switches by removing the centre consol cheeks in the foot well and then you can just about 'fiddle' behind them and find the blown bulb!

Ted Newman

I have dealer fit front fogs, and as Ted rightly points out, there is no warning light with the main dash instruments. I am not sure whether factory fit lamps should have a warning light? I know that my (c) 1995 hand book makes no reference to it. This may be a difference between a very early car and a later one...
Rob Bell

okay - Rear fog lights then !

OK so all is now 'lit-up' but as I can not remember the last time I used mine I am not even sure myself where the warning lights are!

I think there is one in the 'on/off button' but can not remember if there is also an eye level light in the dash!

Either way I am sure you will be able to get at the switch from behind the removed cheeks - in fact I think you can also push the switch out from behind!

Ted Newman

The light on the switch is fine. The warning light, which I think was orange is left hand side of the speedo two or three from the top - close to the oil light . Which *cheeks* is it that you refer to ?

In which case ignore my remarks and go back to stage one and remove the cowl (in front of the steering wheel) which will give you access to the bulbs!

Ted Newman

Alright Chris, to replace the rear fog light dash waring bulb you first have to remove the speedo surround 2 small phillips at the top and 2 longer ones underneath pull this about 2inches away from the speedo itself and disconnect the speedo light dimmer and if you got one electric mirror switch then remove the surround there you will see 4 more phillips screws that hold the speedo head in remove them,with the aid of a trim tool(or large flat screw driver if you don't have one), and remove the side vent to the right of the speedo there you will be able put your hand through and remove the speedo cable you will now be able to pull the speedo head forward to gain access to the multiplugs to remove once removed ,remove the speedo head there you will be able to change what ever bulb you want in the speedo head. refit in reverse.
hope this helps
Dave mgf tech

Dave, nice to have an answer from one wot knows - keep them coming!!.
T Green

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