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MG MGF Technical - Dead Electrics

I left my 1999 VVC in the garage over Xmas and New Year and when I returned the elctrics were dead, not a peep or light to be had anywhere. I connected my battery charger while the battery was still connected to the car and instantly blew the fuse on the charger. I disconnected the battery from the car reconnected the charger with a new fuse which again instantly blew. I took the battery to Halfords to be tested and found the battery totally dead. I have bought a new battery and connected it this evening but the electrics are still totally dead; no clicks, beeps, lights or anything else. I dont know where to start looking, can anyone help please?

You may need a multimeter and some understanding of what it tells you. Otherwise get an auto electrician in; as there isn't a failsafe brief routine for the inexperienced. It could be so many, or a combination of, things.....It is likely to be simple if you have no signs of life at all so far.
Try 1. Battery connected the right way around.
2. Both terminals tightly screwed on.
3. There is a big fusible link under the bonnet but if that hasn't gone then get the auto electrician.
C.R.B. Simeon

This thread was discussed on 30/01/2008

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