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MG MGF Technical - Dead Horn

The horn on my car is not working. I have checked the fuse in the under bonnet fuse box and it is OK so I suppose the next check is to see if I am getting voltage to the horn. But if anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would like to hear them. BTW it went through a MOT like this.
John Dickson

Does it work as an alarm? Windows down, superlock, stick head in window and waggle about.

I just tried that now thanks for the suggestion, but still no horn. The indicators flashed but no horn so I guess it is knackered.
John Dickson

John, just take a couple of wires straight from battery to horn before trying to trace the loom.

sory if you already know how to suck eggs.


My horn packed up last year and it turned out to be the rotary coupler in the steering wheel/column.
Have a look on my site at - there's a pile of information there.



SOrry to hear but guess what? Some looon tryed to plough me off a bridge today and found that my horn has also died, just checked the fuse and if it sounds with the alarm but to no avail. Well, to the Rover garage on Monday I think. (if it wasn't still under warranty, I did consider a two tone conversion which I read on Dieter's site.)

Still, i'd rather the horn than something really serious.

J Ip

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