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MG MGF Technical - Dead MGF help - Electric issue

My 1998 MGF had been in a garage over the winter. I've now had it for about 1 year or so. Last summer I had a problem in that the hood opening mechanism stopped working, it just wouldn't open. I decided to have that fixed this year. Now, when I went to pick it up for the first time this year, it was dead, I should have disconnected the batter, or have that trickle changed, but I never did that last year, as the hood wouldn't open. So now I can't drive it to the workshop to have the hood fixed, and I can't changethe battery as I can't get at it.

I tried using a Pro Starter 2 (see, connected to the cig-lighter. This did not work at all, the PS2 was well charged, I had tried that, but there was no power coming to the car (tested with courtesy light). I suspect that there is a relay that switches off the cig lighter when the car is unpowered, and that this just doesn't pass through the starter switch (yes, I turned that on, still no power).

So what are my options? I guess I either has to get some sort of mobile repair guy to help me, or I have to find a way to hook up the pro starter to the battery through a connection on the engine? Anyone with ideas and/or suggestions here? I'd really like tio avoid the cost of some mobile repair guy, just now, I just want it started.

Best regards
Anders Karlsson


why don't you just open the rear boot with your key.
Then open the front bonnet by access to that grip on the right hand and charge the battery ?

As for the electric hood..
Just let it remove and drop it to garbage.


Well, when I said "Hood" what I meant was just what you said, the "Front Bonnet". Language confusion I guess. The grip in the boot to open the "Bonnet is what doesn't work. (And the "hood" in manual, I'm not THAT old :-)

Anders Karlsson

Your battery is probably totally flat. Try connecting a battery charger to the battery side of the starter motor solenoid, providing the battery isn't U/S if you are lucky you may be able to get enough charge to start it. It could take few hours. DO NOT connect another battery without disconnecting the flat battery first, very BAD things can happen.
Ken Waring


I was thinking along the lines of something like that, possibly connecting the PS2 to the solenoid. The issue here is that where the car is parked, I have no tool and things. Can I get at that without taking too many things apart, i.e. can I get at it through the boot easily?

Anders Karlsson

Yes. Bootlid up and remove the protective wire grill then you can see the starter and solenoid. You just need a longish arm :-) If the battery is really flat the PS2 is unlikely to be enough.
Ken Waring

Anders - in 1991 Roger Parker wrote this on opening the bonnet when the release catch sticks.

"If you look up through the gap in front of the rad, from under the car, the plate you see covering the workings does't quite cover all. Between the plate and the rad you can just see the anchor point for the outer cable and the peg and cable ring where the inner cable attaches. There is but a mm or so to work with and this is where the 'patience' comes in, along with a stout screwdriver or similar lever. There is just enough room to contact and move the inner cable end, the one nearer the left side of the car, towards the right side of the car.

Try and get a helper to gently press and release the bonnet as you need the bonnet lock spring compressed when you are trying to move the lever, so as to reduce the resistance to moving it and then the spring action to pop the bonnet up when you have the lever moved.

When I have done it I had the benefit of a warm workshop and ramp!! "
John Thomas

> DO NOT connect another battery without disconnecting the flat battery first, very BAD things can happen.

I'm curious, what in particular?

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