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MG MGF Technical - Deep Breath - Seats update.

I said I'd ask again in 6 months.., and this is in 8; -

I really, really need new seats for my darling MGF.

I want sports seats - preferably that recline, and on rails.
The trouble is I am 6"4, and I hear that rails adds height.

So; Does anyone make any that solve this?
Does anyone know someone that can lower seats?

I have heard that VHS lower seats for 120 - who are they? Never heard of them.

Many Thanks
Neil H

VHS is Vehicle Handling Solutions, a firm run by some ex MGR engineers. A google search should give you their website.

im 6"3 andive got the mgf trophy i fit in fine are the trophy seats lower than the others????
pd dixon

Yes, we offer a lowered seat frame for MGF and mgtf. All MGF and MGTF seats have the same theoretical height, although the various seat covers do seem to affect the actual height due to different levels of stretch when you sit on them. Our modifications are made to the seat frame itself beneath the cushion. This gives a 20mm reduction in height whilst retaining the standard seat and therefore the seatbelt mountings including pretensioner. Please see our website for more details.
A Kitson

Thanks for the responses.
I have had my MGF for years.., and I do fit in it.
I own a seat lowering kit - but I have never used it.

The problem is that the car has become tatty whilst I left it off the road, and I need to give it some modernisation.
It needs new big alloys, and sports seats. I thought full-on sports seats might look better that just F/TF seats, but in research it seems that if I bought Cobras/Recaros etc, I might end up even higher in the air... and things are tight as is.

Neil H

Neil, Dave, Stu and I have been looking into this problem (yet again) recently. Many sports seats represent some significant dimensional problems (they are often too wide) - to the extent that we looked at fixed buckets on a standard MGF subframe (more than one driver for my MGF). This we investigated with the VHS chaps - but the unfortunate thing is that mounting any other kind of seat to that standard runner results in a seat that is EVEN higher than the standard seat!!!

This is resulting in some head scratching, but perhaps a little lateral thought may produce a solution... a solution that is bound to make good use of that VHS seat-base lowering kit.

If we make any further progress on this project, I'll let you know! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob,

I still think the winning solution is going to make someone some bucks out there. There is quite a high demand for what will eventually be a list of seats that fit and a seat lowering kit.
Neil H

Has anyone looked into the possibility of using Lotus Elise seats?

I have the VHS kit (indeed the first!) - which coupled with the Newton exchange seat springs and a cg lok on the seat belt results in a much netter driving position - but still nowhere near good enough. I'm changing to a fixed bucket seat this winter (I'm the only driver) but would happily go for a more comfortable solution if available.
marc h

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